The Importance of Branding in Bricklayers tools:

(Bricklayers tools) Masonry looks like an easy job, but you need the perfect match of the tool.  The branded tools give you quality and specific instructions regarding a tool.

Brands use different alloys in the formation of the bricklaying tools.

These alloys save the tool from rusting and breakage.

The effective grip of the tool also makes it compatible same with masonry.

A branded tool is perfect for the best Masonry. We are providing a Bricklayers tools list of famous brands for different tools, to make your work more accurate.

Bricklayers Tools and Equipment’s

There are some common tools used in bricklayers

  1. Trowel
  2. Pestering Trowel
  3. Mason Square
  4. Plumb Rule and Bob
  5. Sprite Level
  6. Water Level
  7. Boning Rod


Trowel one of the main tool in bricklaying. Masons utilize them to spread motor. The small tool has a metal blade with sizes from the range of 5 to 12 inches. The differentiated brands in Trowel making are as follows:

  • Marshalltown (Premier Line) – America.
  • W.Rose (USA) – America.
  • Ox (Professional) – Australia.
  • Ragni (The Crowd Line) – Italy.
Bricklayers tools

2.Pestering Trowel

The corner towel is used to shape up the external and internal of concrete. The pestering trowel balance is important to properly level the cement.

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The grip of the trowel also plays an important role in that a mason work continuously without any hindrance.

Bricklayers tools

3. Mason Square

The Mason Square used to get a standard angle of 90 degrees in two combining walls. The perpendicular angle is important to make sure that the walls are square to each other. Mason square makes sure of the accuracy of the corners.

Bricklayers tools

4.Plumb Rule and Bob

A Plumb Rule and Bob is a weight with a pointed tip at the bottom. The bob is suspended from a string and used as a vertical line. It’s a cursor to the spirit level and its main purpose to make a vertical datum.

Bricklayers tools

5.Sprite Level

The Spirit Level is bubble instrument filled with a liquid, to measure the level. There is a bubble in the tube.

They have a slight curve upwardly, so the bubble rests naturally in the center. Commonly alcohol and ethanol are used in place of water.

When you are using the spirit level, the level should be positioned precisely in the center of the object.

The bubble will sit between the two marks if the object is level. If the bubble doesn’t sit between the corners, it means that the object is not level properly.

Bricklayers tools

The side of the bubble indicates which side needs leveling. If the bubble is inclined towards the left side, its means the left side is too high as compared to the right side of the object.

The Stanley FatMax range is the best in the market. The competitor of Stanley FatMax is Stabila, the two brands are the best in the market.


Sometimes common place masons go for non-branded cheap tools. These tools can’t ensure the perfection of the work.

The top-notch brands market a product after complete research and analysis to market their brand. Try to purchase branded bricklayer tool.