What are Bunker Hill Security Cameras & How to Install Them?

A Bunker Hill Security System is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of protecting your home against intrusions. Here, we will discuss Bunker Hill security systems and how to install Bunker Hill security cameras.

Additionally, we will demonstrate how to use it with your iPhone, iPad, laptop, Mac, and Android devices.

In addition to the cameras and cables, the Bunker Hill surveillance system includes a digital video recorder or DVR. Since they are plug-and-play cameras, you will not be required to install complicated BNC connectors as you would need with other camera systems.

You will need to measure the distance from the security camera to the DVR if necessary and purchase additional cables if needed as Bunker Hill security cameras come with relatively short cables, usually 50 to 60 feet.

It can be beneficial for crime prevention to install such security systems, so we can live in a safer and more peaceful environment.

Additionally, installing bunker hill security cameras will maximize our protection at both home and business.

Here is a step-by-step guide on How to install Bunker Hill Security cameras

Choose Location

The location has to be chosen carefully, as the area needs to cover at least 500 meters from any possible point of entry. It is best to avoid areas with high human traffic, as even a single wrong move can lead to serious video misfortune.

It can prove to be quite expensive if the power supply fails here. The area has to be flat, with no obstructions or hindrances like trees, bushes, or building walls in the immediate vicinity.

Clear View

A very important feature while considering bunker hill security cameras is to ensure that there is a clear view of the surveillance area. This can be done with the help of a strong roof, which will extend all the way up to the surrounding buildings.

As far as the height is concerned, it is best to avoid areas below two hundred meters from the ground, as it gives rise to a lot of false images.

Bunker Hill Security Cameras

 There should also be at least a three-foot clear gap between the cameras and the sides of the building. Video courtesy should always be available to the officials in case of a malfunction.

Care of Lens

Since this type of security cameras are mounted on poles, a lot of them have to be kept in place. This calls for a lot of patience and care, as it is a common tendency for things to get dislodged or broken during strenuous days.

At times, a good cleaning is required to make sure that nothing gets caught in the cables, which may result in embarrassing moments for the officials.

If the poles are not well-maintained, the video footage can become garbled or distorted, which may prove to be disastrous at a later stage.

 It is important to invest in good quality poles, as poor ones will not only fail to deliver the desired results but may also prove to be a security risk.

Best Quality Cable

Another important factor is to check whether the cabling used by the company is of the best quality. In case of any malfunction, it is possible for electricity to pass through the wires, which may prove to be an extremely dangerous situation.

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A reliable bunker hill CCTV camera will have a long-distance cabling system, which will help to prevent such a scenario from happening. The cables should also be checked to ensure that they have sufficient strength to carry out the job, without showing any resistance.

Check Tampering in Videos

A proper inspection of the security cameras will also help to find out whether they have been tampered with in any way. It is a good idea to take a look at the security system in use at the time of installation. If there are signs of tampering or something unusual, it may be possible to detect the act right away.

In the case of security cameras, a technician should visit the site right away and check everything with his tools. If it has been found that there has been some sort of tampering, the system should be immediately replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect bunker hill security cameras to an Android or iPhone device?

Download the bunker hill security camera app to your mobile device. Add your security cameras to the surveillance app and enjoy live viewing. Open the surveillance application and select the security cameras.

Can I install security cameras myself?

Once you pay for the equipment, installing a camera yourself is pretty much free. Almost all security cameras on the market today are both easy to install and designed to be painless.

Depending on the model, you can mount them on a wall, set them on a table, or attach them to a magnetic surface.

Are Bunker Hill security cameras recordable?

No, the Bunker Hill cameras do not record on their own. However, it is possible to connect an external DVR to the AV OUT port and record the feed.


If you want to make your house or office more secure, investing in bunker hill security cameras can help. You can connect them to Android devices and iPhones.

If you want to watch the live stream, you can also install the bunker hill security camera app. You can also record videos using an external DVD connected to the AV OUT port.

If you don’t know how to install bunker hill security cameras, please read our above step by step guide. The following guide will guide you through installing bunker hill security cameras without having to hire a worker.

We hope that this article will answer all your questions about bunker hill security cameras.