Different Types of Custom Cardboard Boxes Packaging

We all know that cardboard is a versatile material and hence it is available in a diversity of types and styles as well.

You have to choose the one which suits you best according to your needs and product requirements.

 However, at the same time, you will find that cardboard boxes are best to be used for various purposes. They will probably differ from one another based on the weights, strengths as well as widths. 

You can get cardboard custom packaging in different types and all of them differ from one another based on the infinite functions.

As you choose the cardboard custom packaging for your product, you need to, first of all, know about the different types and their uses.

Their different features will help you to pick the one which is helpful for your product display. 

Make your final decision on the cardboard box packaging based on few major questions, which are:

  1. How heavy is your whole packaging? Hence, the weight of your item will decide that what sort of cardboard packaging will work best for you. 
  2. Will it be fully subject to any sort of wet conditions? If yes, then you should consider choosing the lamination artwork for the packaging solution. This will help your box to stay safe during wet conditions. 
  3. What kind of printing do you need for the box packaging? The majority of the boxes are adding up with the printing which is either offset or the graphical one. 

Now moving to the next, here we are sharing a list of the most common cardboard custom box types to choose for your product display. Let us have a look below!

Cardboard Boxes

1. Single-face board

This is one of the most common types of packaging options that you will find in most packaging industries.

It is made out of corrugated material which is durable enough to survive for long years.

Plus, it is also available with a fluted set of layers for the extra protection of the whole box.

This will eventually help the whole product to stay 100% safe during the course of shipping. 

2. Single-wall board

This has been another most popular and yet common type of cardboard packaging box which is available with one layer of the flute.

You will also find it available with the two flat walls which make it look so much attractive and pop-up eye-catching. Due to the single flute layer, you will find your box extra durable. 

3. Double-wall board                     

It is evident from the name that this cardboard box style is available with a double layer of fluting. You have to choose the one which suits you best according to your needs and product requirements.

This will eventually enable the box board to get stronger enough and protect the product at the time of shipment. 

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4. Triple-wall board

As you read out the name, you might have guessed it right that the box is available with the 3 different fluting layers which are in the middle of the outside two walls.

This has been the most demanding and common cardboard box types which is common to ship heavy items. This includes automotive parts or large appliances.

You can also look for the cardboards which are available even in the 4 or 5 layers of the flute. 

5. Corrugated fiberboard

Corrugated cardboard fiberboard is available in the three-layered material form, which has made flat from the outside of the box.

Plus, it is also having a wavy layer which is located in the center known as fluting. This wavy flute center is accountable to let the box material have extra durability and strength.

Such boxes are available in a diversity of thicknesses to pick the one which goes according to your box needs.

6. Honeycomb cardboard

Although this is not so common still you will find its enormous use due to the strength! This material of the durable cardboard boxes is accessible in different levels of the corrugation which is in various lengths.

All the varied layers of your box are covered with pieces of layered paper that are on all sides. You can also replace the layered sheets with pallets. 

7. Paperboard

As regards the paperboard is concerned, you will find its enormous use in the toilet paper rolls or cereal boxes. They are also popularly known as cartons or chipboard.

But they are quite less durable in comparison with the corrugated fiberboard. You have to choose the one which suits you best according to your needs and product requirements.

Cardboard Boxes

This is the main reason that they are popular to ship the lighter objects or even for non-load-bearing purposes.

8. Grey paperboard

Next, we have Grey paperboard which is made out of recycled paper materials. It is one of the most common forms of packaging solutions which is grey in color. Its recycling nature makes it extremely popular. 

9. Grey cardboard

Similar to the grey paperboard, the grey cardboard is also available as of recycling paper materials. You have to choose the one which suits you best according to your needs and product requirements.

You will find its massive use in different industries such as in book-binding and in toy packaging. They are somehow slightly thicker in comparison with the paperboard.

10. Mat board

You will find the most common use of the mat board for the picture frames. It is vital to protect the photographs and add them with a complete look safely and flatly.

 You have to choose the one which suits you best according to your needs and product requirements.

Hence, mat board is available in different types such as standard mat board, or the white core mat Cardboard Boxes, as well as black core or color core mat board.


This is all we have ended up with the detailed discussion of the wholesale cardboard boxes and their common types found in the market.

 All the box types are different from one another in terms of providing some great benefits for the successful product display.

Pick the one which suits your needs the best and even matches best with your product requirements as well.