Gotham Garage Fake or Real: LATEST [2021] Update About It.

Those of you who watch the TV show Car Masters: Rust to Riches know that Gotham Garage is the location of film-car builder Mark Towle and his team doing the restoration of cars.

A TV series about custom vehicles, the crew’s customers, and autos they have owned and bought. However, their suspicious activities raise the question, Is Gotham Garage fake or real.

They restore old cars to resell them at a huge profit. As the series has been hugely successful, many viewers have been questioning the talents of this serial.

Even though this serial has a loyal fan base and has undergone some impressive renovations, there have been some dark stuff going on behind the scenes.

Many fans have wondered whether the events presented on the show are happening and whether the cast members are as capable as they appear.

As a result, loyal fans wonder if this Netflix season is real or fake. Let’s see what they have been trying to hide from the public.

Suspicious activities of Mark Towel and its Crew

The cars and other vehicles featured in this serial are mostly rusted and badly bent out of shape.

The crew members, however, are considered miracle workers as the cars look better than the new cars after the restoration process.

It is certainly possible to produce such wonderful results with a little bit of money and a lot of effort.

Yet the drama series does little to discuss the repair and customization procedures, leading to accusations of a fake.

Some viewers do not realize that Mark Towle has appeared in other TV shows. He is not new to the TV business. The host has appeared on America’s Most Wanted.

It led some to wonder if he was on just for fame and recognition, or if he was there due to his expertise in automotive repair. It does not mention his penchant for appearing in television shows.

Though he was previously on television and a fame-hunter, he is shown as a businessman, mechanic, and entrepreneur on the show rather than a celebrity.

Fans have sometimes wondered if the production crew has the knowledge and expertise to do all the work themselves.

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Is Constance Nunes a real employee?

A single female member of the crew looks more like someone you might see on the cover of a fashion magazine, not like your typical mechanic. The social media profiles of Nunes also demonstrate her promising modeling career.

The fact that Nunes has been working in the automotive industry for quite a while may be unknown to many people.

She has not only modeled at car shows but also worked in the service departments of automakers including Ford, BMW, and Audi.

Constance Nunes isn’t just a pretty face; she is an extremely skilled mechanic. She also worked in her father’s mechanic shop for most of her childhood, and he was an expert mechanic and a race car driver.

Having family members who fixed cars as part of her early upbringing. Her extensive experience has made her a popular choice for both big car companies and local shops throughout the Los Angeles area.


Lawsuit By the Warner Bros

Owner Mark Towle of Gotham Garage lost a massive lawsuit against Warner Bros. The Batmobile has appeared in numerous comic books and movies, and Warner Bros. sued Towle to enforce its trademarks.

There was no mention of the court hearing on the show. The show only focused on how the car was transformed into the Batmobile.

The Court Hearing and Verdict

During the trial, the defendant objected, stating that they would lose “significant sales” if they stopped reproducing the car, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sadly, for Towle, the judge ruled that the Batmobile is a copyrighted character and did not side with the automobile manufacturers.

In 1989, the Batmobile appeared in a live-action version of the comic book, according to the judge. Due to the movie’s dual format, the vehicle appeared in both 2-D and 3-D, meaning it cannot be recreated.

Towle reproduced the Batmobile exactly in the same way, in violation of the trademark, as he described the numerous characteristics that make it unique and why it is a replica.

They didn’t address this issue in serial. Towle’s association with Warner Bros. was omitted from their coverage of the lawsuit and they avoided mentioning the court case.


There is no way to determine whether the Gotham Garage is real, or fake based on all the evidence.

This Netflix play likely contains some truth, along with some exaggerations for dramatic effect.

However, the drama series is extremely compelling to watch, even without knowing for sure to what extent certain elements are scripted.