10 Tips to Successfully Manage a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing has become crucial for all sizes and types of businesses all over the world. Therefore, you can easily find various individuals starting their digital marketing companies London.

But like the other businesses, this field also has a lot of competition, and there are several challenges that the agencies face to run their business successfully.

The digital marketing company is a highly competitive industry, and it is not easy to find success here and stand out from the crowd.

But, with the help of great leadership and intense knowledge about how the industry works, you can fix your feet in the industry and attract big clients to your marketing agency. Here are ten tips to successfully manage a digital marketing agency.

Leverage the most important asset of your company

We are talking about the people of your company. Your company’s LinkedIn Company Page is the primary distribution channel for content.

But if you consider each employees’ LinkedIn profile as an additional distribution channel, it can increase the reach of your agency and bring potential clients to you.

For example, your agency posts something on LinkedIn covering the various tips related to SEO for small businesses, with a blog link on your website.

Your agency also internally briefs the employees and ask them about their recommendations and insights on the same topic.

All of them will individually post something linking to the website’s article of the agency. It allows the content to reach various people as they will share it from multiple channels.

Optimize Your Workflow Process

What kept your business working may not work when your business starts to grow and expand.

Your agency should stay ahead of the scaling pains by analysing the current workflow and potential bottlenecks that might come your way.

Scaling generally starts with the hiring of new people so it is better to start with streamlining the hiring process of your agency. 

If there is a need for a change in the workflow of the creative team, go for it. Do not hesitate to ask the employees where they think a change is needed or what you need to do to better the processes.

Try optimizing the overall working of your company to smoothen it and increase the efficiency of the work.

Build the Brand of Your Digital Agency

Digital marketing companies London, help their clients in building their brands. But they must stay at the top of their own to attract new leads, clients and companies to their businesses.

You need to be present if new clients, potential candidates approach you. Therefore, keep your website, social media pages updated with the most successful campaign of your agency with the recent clients.

You must use these platforms to showcase how your brand manages the problems and expectations of the climate amid the Covid-19 era.

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Remote Work Practices for Scaling the Agency

Try to work asynchronously. If possible, encourage the employees to work according to their working hours based on their energy.

Keep specific times for the meetings but permit them to do their tasks or deliverables on their own time.

You must have a communication culture in your company. Remote work will go on very smoothly if the communication is effective at every stage of the project. Host company-wide webinars or send the newsletters of your company to the employees to keep them updated.

Capture the Positive Feedback About Your Company from All Platforms

One of the most innovative tactics that you can use to increase your marketing agency business is to capture as much positive feedback as possible from the public forums.

Do not ask for feedback at the end of the working relationship but right after you are done with the first tranche of the work.

You can even ask about the reviews from the client about your sales process, even if the client does not end up working with your agency.

Although this step isn’t related to lead generation directly but does help the process in a big way.

Build Relationships with the Authority in Your Field

By putting yourself in the path of the authority figures in your niche, like interacting with them on events, social media, taking pictures, etc., and sharing that with others will make people think that you are also a key player in your niche.

When people think of you as an authority figure in your niche and a go-to resource, it will become easy for you to generate leads, and your growth will be unstoppable.

Offer Free Audits to the Active Prospects

Approaching active companies and offering them a free audit for their marketing efforts would be a great trick to attract them to your digital agency. Thousands of successful digital marketing companies London, do the same.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are very crucial in almost every type of business you deal in. But in a business that is all about dealing and engaging with people and promoting a brand, you need to have excellent soft skills. It will be beneficial for all areas of your business.

Focus on Building Client Relationships

As a digital marketing agency, you would be able to do nothing without your client base. So, treat your clients as the important stakeholders they are.

Try to form good relationships with your clients from the very beginning. Take care of their projects and guide them through each stage of their campaign. These clients can be the reason for the growth of your company.

Offer a Range of Services

Digital marketing is a vast field and has a lot of aspects. It would be helpful if you offer a range of services to your clients so that your agency can appeal to a wide number of businesses.


Hopefully, these tips will contribute to smoothly managing your digital marketing agency and taking it to the next level.

The digital marketing industry is flourishing but, it is also challenging, dynamic, and complex at the same time.

By identifying your strength and weakness and working on them, you can also become one of the top digital marketing companies London.