Duplichecker Review for Blogger, Students, and Writers

Whether you are a student, teacher, content creator or freelancer Duplichecker is a be-all and end-all place for you.

 This can be accessed through web for free. Duplichecker facilitates its users by offering numerous tools to check grammar, plagiarism, SEO and much more.

 In order to know more about this “jack of all trades” website go through the description given below:

Key Features of Duplichecker Review:

§  100% free tool:

Duplichecker is available for free on the web. All you need to do to access duplichecker is go to your browser and type duplichecker. Or you can access it directly through the following link: https://www.duplichecker.com

§  Supports a variety of formats:

Internet is filled with a variety of plagiarism detector tools. Then, you may ask why would you prefer duplichecker among all of them? What makes duplichecker standout is its ability to facilitate a variety of formats like:

  • .tex,
  • .txt,
  • .doc,
  • .docx,
  • .odt,
  • .pdf,
  • .rtf file upload
  • URL check

§  Detection Rate:

In this fast-going world where everyone wants everything to happen quick, we require software that can do the job for us swiftly. So, you don’t need to look here and there anymore because duplichecker offers a very fine plagiarism detection rate.

§  User-friendly:

Duplichecker is extremely handy. No technical knowledge or expertise re required to use this tool. Students, Teachers, Writers, content writing agencies, content creators, freelancers. any person on earth who has to do with writing can enjoy this free tool.

§  Tool for the analysis of the text:

Duplichecker offers you all the tools you need for the analysis of your content, making it fine enough to standout.

You can liberate yourself from the trouble of manual editing and rewriting when a tool like Duplichecker is at your service.

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Whether it’s the grammar in your text that concerns you or spelling, Duplichecker is be-all and end-all for all of your insecurities regarding content creation.

Moreover, you can also use our paraphrasing tool to create unique and super high-quality content of your own in a matter of minutes.

§  Build Backlinks:

By using our backlink generator you can simultaneously create multiple backlinks. Our other tools of this category enable you to analyze links. You can check broken links, track links of any website.


§  Keyword Research tools:

You can get the suggestion of hundreds and thousands of suggestions of keywords by using our keyword research tool. Moreover, this tool allows you to check keyword density as well as position.

§  Search and Optimize Images:

Duplichecker is an all-around tool. It allows you to change the size of images into your desired size, conduct reverse image search, transform images from one format to a file of another format.

§  Website statistics Analysis:

You can comfortably lean on our tool if you are to determine statistics of your competitor’s website or that of yours.

§  Keep an eye on your competitors’ activity:

A knowledge of what your competitors are doing can help you stay ahead of the game. This can provide you insights into designing a better marketing strategy that will ultimately generate rewarding results.

§  Monitor domains:

You can use the domain tools of Duplichecker to check the age, page, and authority of a domain. Moreover, you can also determine domains that are about to expire. This can help you grab the opportunity before anyone else does.

§  Develop SEO tools:

You can use our tools like XML Sitemapsrobots.txt to forge various SEO instruments. This can help you achieve a higher ranking.

§  Analyze SEO Score

You can make intelligent decisions to enhance the ranking of your website by using our SEO checker tool.

Duplichecker Pro features:

§  No Advertisement:

When you are in a hurry to get done with your task as soon as possible and an ad pops up on the screen; this can be a very frustrating experience. But this is unavoidable when you are using tools for free. With Duplichecker pro, you have the option to switch to a mode where you can get rid of the annoyance of watching ads again and again.

§  Bulk search in one go:

With the updated features of Duplichecker, you can now use your time more smartly and add efficiency to your work.  With duplichecker pro, you can search 1000 words in one search.

§  Customer support and help:

In case of any query, you can directly consult customer support and help center which is at your service always.

§  Detection Rate of Duplichecker:

In this fast-going world where everyone wants everything to happen quick, we require software that can do the job for us swiftly. So, you don’t need to look here and there anymore because duplichecker offers a very fine plagiarism detection rate.

Given below are the results of a survey conducted to check its plagiarism detection rate.

Two tests were conducted 15 times each.

In the first test, a paragraph of approximately 100 words were copied from Google and pasted in a 1400-word plagiarism-free article. It was then uploaded on Duplichecker.

Similarly, In the second test 60 words were copied and pasted into a unique article of 1460 words.


Duplichecker had passed the result with a success rate of 100%. It demonstrated the sources from which the passage was picked. Moreover, it also highlighted sources which themselves had stolen text from some other source.

These mind-blowing results indicate that duplichecker is a safe haven for all the students, freelancers, and content creators.

The success rate for Quotes:

The success rate of duplichecker with quotes was about 95%. This dip of 5% was seen when we used very short quotes. The thing is, quotes are “quotes” right? They cannot be plagiarized because they are supposed to be written word by word. Then, what should you do? Whenever, you quote some text, provide a link to the source.


For content creators, Duplichecker is an invaluable resource. For some people, it might be too good to believe. After all, how can something with such efficient functioning and reliability be available for free? But it is what it is buddy. Go check it out to explore more!