TamilRockers Proxy: What is it and what are its features?

TamilRockers Proxy: Know more about what is Tamilrockers Proxy? Simply put, TamilRockers is a peer-to Peer file-exchange service that can be utilized by Tamilians, Americans, Canadians, and people belonging to any other nationality.

Not only this, but Tamilrockers Proxy is also used by a country to obtain illegal copies of popular international media like movies, music, games, software, and television shows from all over the world, including pirated versions of these programs.

What is TamilRockers?

Whenever a Tamil movie involving a prominent celebrity is published, a remotely run website that downloads a crystal clear ‘print’ of the film causes the producer’s palpitations. The website named Tamilrockers eats into their earnings.

Tamilrockers is giving its ‘service’ to individuals who don’t want to spend Rs 120-200 or even outrageous charges to view the new Tamil blockbuster in a cinema theatre on the first day.

Even before the release of the movie, the website throws out an open challenge — as it occurred in the case of Vijay-starrer “Sarkar”— threatening to post it on the day of its release. Despite multiple incidents and police intervention, it’s a bull that seems to be beyond taming.

How does it work? Sources suggest that the website has contributing individuals from throughout the globe, mostly expatriate Tamils.

They upload the ‘movie print’ after filming it in local cinemas. Every participant is compensated for the effort based on the number of times the print has been downloaded.

The website constantly changing its URL. So, if a given URL is taken down by enforcement officials in a jurisdiction, the website changes to another one.

Advantages of Tamilrockers Proxy

This service offers two major advantages. First, it allows its users to gain access to several foreign programs with free real-time web streaming.

 In the second place, it also provides a way for users to surf the internet in anonymity, as no trace of their IP address will be traceable left behind anywhere on the net.

So, how is tamilrockers proxy able to offer such amazing features? It is because this particular proxy site operates just like any other torrent website.

The only difference between this site and the others is the fact that it operates an application that plays the role of a legitimate and legal online service.

What this means is that even while its users visit a particular website, the website itself does not contain any pirated copies of media, but rather only makes available free internet applications that are fully functional.

How to get access to this proxy?

To gain access to this kind of service, you do not have to pay anything at all. One of the best features of tamilrockers proxies is the fact that it has no registration fee. And best of all, this kind of site offers excellent security features as well.

This means that your browsing will remain entirely protected, and nobody will be able to view your files, track your browsing history, or even have any access to your online accounts.

TamilRockers Proxy

Furthermore, this kind of site allows users to browse through the Internet privately. This means that you can browse the Web with greater privacy and safety. As you may know, private proxies are usually used to surf under false pretexts.

These so-called intermediaries can easily unblock tamilrockers mirrors, but you may not have it easy.

If you surf anonymously you won’t have your IP address displayed to anyone else, therefore you will be able to surf freely without worrying about your real location.

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Features of Tamilrockers Proxy

Apart from this, there are also other benefits associated with using this particular web browser. One of the most obvious advantages is that it helps you bypass firewalls.

 All you need to do to bypass a firewall is to reset proxy settings. Therefore, you can visit websites like YouTube, Netflix, MySpace, and many more with no fear of being tracked or blocked.

Moreover, these browsers will help you bypass Pop-up ads and other sorts of advertisements.

The second benefit is that tamilrockers can be used to surf anonymously. When browsing on the Internet, your real location is recorded by the various sites.

 Based on your location, an individual could be restricted or banned from certain sites, which might include his/her own ISP’s server.

However, if you use a special mirror site, nobody will ever know about your location. Consequently, nobody can block your access either.

The third benefit of using a website is that it helps in monitoring your Internet usage. If you are using a free anonymous proxy site, most companies or websites will track your activities.

Such information can include your visited websites, pages viewed, time spent on each page, software downloaded, search history, and so on.

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Based on these activities, they would then be able to categorize your Internet usage into different categories.

One of the most popular television series of India, “I Married Raja,” has been aired on TV channels in the US, Canada, and other parts of the world.

The show has become hugely popular among American viewers and as a result, has gained popularity among people living in India as well.


Due to this popularity, the Indian Tamil rockers have also managed to gain huge popularity among Americans as well.

As a result, many American IPs have subscribed with tamilrockers proxy sites to streamline their access to the Internet. It is estimated that as many as 80% of these IPs are accessing this popular American show via the Internet daily.