How to fix “Failed to Download Attachment from Multimedia Message”

The MMS service or the cache partition can be corrupted, causing the “failed to download attachment message. You might also receive a message like this if your messaging application is faulty or your APN is inaccurate.

Users can also encounter a very annoying problem in which the notification of Failed to download attachment from multimedia message keeps popping up.

When he attempts to download an attachment from an MMS message, the affected user encounters an error.

There are reports that this issue only affects group chat sessions. Similar errors can occur when launching the messaging app or unlocking the smartphone.

By utilizing any of the solutions listed below, you will be able to resolve the issue of How to download MMS on Android.

Switch to Mobile Data

Failed to download attachment from multimedia message androidis an issue which is appeared if your Android device is not equipped with the Wi-Fi calling option while you are connected to a Wi-Fi.

Enabling mobile data on your Android phone will allow you to solve this problem of Android not downloading MMS. The MMS message can then be downloaded.

Disable Auto-Retrieve MMS Setting

Auto-retrieve is an automatic-download feature for phones that allows users to download the files without the hectic of tapping on them.

In the case of our error message, we must be careful about using the Auto-retrieve feature.

Retrieving messages can be essential, but it can also cause problems. It can be the reason of notification of failed to download attachments from multimedia messages keep popping up.

In our case, we may be able to resolve the problem by enabling or disabling auto retrieve.

  • Click on the Menu icon in the Messaging app.
  • After you have completed this, go to “Settings” and turn off Automatic Retrieval.
  • Restart your phone and check whether MMS messages are getting downloaded.

Disable the Package Disabler

It is common for users to block bloatware with Package Disabler. Activating the “Disable Bloatware” option blocks several essential applications and services.

The error may be encountered if the Package Disabler has marked your phone’s MMS as bloatware and therefore disabled this service.

It may be necessary to disable package disabler if this problem persists.

  • To disable this feature, click the widget button.
  • In response to this, the Package Disabler button will turn blue.
  • Afterward, check whether the MMS can be downloaded.

Enable Download Booster

Failed to download attachments from multimedia messages on Samsung is created because of the disability of a feature called Download Booster.

Samsung phones have a feature called Download Booster that enables users to download larger files by utilizing both Wi-Fi and mobile data simultaneously.

This feature can be enabled by following the steps below.

·       Select the “More Connection Settings” option in the Settings menu.

·       Choose the “Download Booster” option from here and enable it.

Clear the MMS cache and data

The MMS service relies on a cache to function. When the service’s data/cache is corrupt, the MMS message may not be downloaded. The problem can be fixed by clearing the data and cache.

  • Tap the Apps icon in the Settings section of your smartphone
  • Next, tap the More button followed by the Show System option.
  • Now click on the MMS Service option and after that on the Storage option.
  • You now have the option to clear both the cache and data on your phone.
  • After this, confirm the dialog option that appears. Restart the phone now.
  • Download the message again after restarting your mobile to see if the issue was resolved.

Clear Out the Cache Partition

Various Android functions are performed through a cache partition. In the event the cache partition becomes corrupt, it must be erased. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Get rid of the damaged cache partition.
  • Make sure the MMS error isn’t occurring again after you restart your smartphone.

Switch to a Different Messaging App

Your phone may be unable to download MMS attachments due to an issue with the messaging app by which you are communicating, especially if it is a third-party app. The download is likely to be successful if you switch to a different app.

·       Choose Apps / Applications from the Settings menu

·       Tap Manage apps and then tap More if you’re given several options.

·       Click on Configure Apps/Default apps or a similar option.

·       Select SMS or messaging.

·       Change your current messaging app to one in the list of eligible apps.

·       Switch to the SMS app on your phone if you have been using a third-party messaging app.

You can replace your current messaging app with a third-party alternative if you currently use the stock app. Verify that your new messaging app can download MMS attachments successfully. After making the change, you can return to your original messaging app.

Reinstalling or resetting the carrier’s or APN settings

Failed to Download Attachment from Multimedia Message

When it comes to downloading MMS messages, APN settings are important. APN settings are used to connect your phone to Wi-Fi.

Resetting your APN settings may fix the problem of not being able to download MMS messages. Here are the steps you need to follow. Click on “Connections” in your phone’s setting menu.

  • You will then need to select “Access Point Name (APN)” which will come after clicking the option of “Mobile Networks.”
  • To reset to default, click “Menu” and “Reset to Default.”

Delete Old Messages

Your message storage limit may have been reached, which prevents you from downloading MMSs. This problem can be resolved by clearing the messages as described below.

  • Click on the “Messages” app. Choose “Delete Threads” from the menu.
  • To delete messages, select all the boxes next to them, and then select “Delete”.
  • Check if you still have problems with the MMS message by downloading it again.

Profile and PRL updates

If your Preferred Roaming List (PRL) database or device data profile is corrupt, you may suffer from the error discussed here.

If the PRL/profile for MMS messages is invalid, the phone may be unable to download them. If this occurs, you may need to update the PRL and profile.

  • Tap the About phone option in the settings of your phone.
  • Tap on System, then on Update Profile on the resulting screen.
  • Restart your phone after tapping on Update on PRL.
  • Verify that the issue with MMS has been fixed after restarting.

Reset the system to its factory settings

As a last resort, you can perform a factory reset on your phone if none of the solutions above seem to be helpful.

  • Go to “System” in “Settings”.
  • Once you’ve clicked “Advanced”, select “Reset options”.
  • Next, choose “Erase all data” and then “Reset phone”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download MMS messages on Android?

  1. Google Open Messages
  2. Select the three dots on the top right side of the screen
  3. Now select Settings
  4. Then select Advanced
  5. You will see a blue toggle when Auto-download MMS during roaming is turned on

Why is my Samsung phone not receiving picture messages?

  • Using your Samsung smartphone, you must be connected to the internet to send or receive picture messages (MMS).
  • Go to Settings click on Apps than on Messages and you will find a setting option in front of you. Click on Settings then on More Settings and you will reach a Multimedia messages option.
  • Click on multimedia messages and then on auto retrieve.
  • Check to see if MMS is already working by sending yourself a picture message.

Why are pictures not downloading in messages?

Ensure that your phone has access to the internet. Sometimes you’ll need to check whether your device is connected to the Internet.

You’ll need to connect to Wi-Fi or turn on your cell data before you can save the MMS files. Your phone is unable to download MMS because you don’t have a stable link.


So, this was all about the topic of “failed to download attachments from multimedia messages “. The solutions listed above are the most effective solutions to this problem.

This list was developed after extensive research and discussions with some software engineers, android developers, and mobile repairers.

We hope this article will answer all your questions related to this topic.