What’s the Hottest? Top 5 Men’s Watches to Begin 2021

(hottest men watches) When it comes to fashion for men, the world has its eyes particularly on the hottest luxury watches in the industry. We get exactly why that is.

Everyone stops in its tracks and admires every luxury watch, especially upon knowing the intricacy of how watchmakers had done it. Looking at them, even you could not resist fawning at how sleek and elegant its details are.

It is also a big thing if we see these luxury watches worn by celebrities and personalities. You get to think that if you have worn one, you, too, would look just as successful and classy—and you are just right if you have this assumption.

This 2021, nothing will stop luxury watches from securing their spot in the fashion and high society industry. Here are the top luxury watches for men this 2021:

1. Patek Philippe

Of course, who would not fall in love with Patek Philippe watches? If there are luxury watch brands that have always been timeless, Patek Philippe might just be one of those.

 The world has always been in love with its flawless engineering and elegant finish. Anyone could not resist the exclusivity of wearing Patek Philippe watches bring.

This 2021, one of their own, has made it into Esquire’s liking as one of the top luxury watches for men.

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Patek Philippe released a limited edition Commemorative Calatrava Ref. 6007A with only 1000 pieces available in the market. This piece brands a steel bezel with a surrounding carbon-like texture dial. (hottest men watches)

You will find at its case back the brand’s Calatrava cross. An inscription reads, “New Manufacture 2019” beside it. This is to celebrate the completion of Patek’s building in Geneva.

If you want other Patek Philippe watches, they also have other popular styles, like the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

2. Rolex

This list would not have been completed without one of the most influential brands as per Forbes’ list.

Wearing a Rolex watch will immediately make you a head-turner! This year, Rolex is about to release a fun and playful watches, which is the much-awaited Oyster Perpetual 36. This timepiece has just been released months ago.

hottest men watches

It is a timepiece with a tangerine dial with a stainless-steel finish. Aside from this, you can also grab the Oyster Perpetual 36 in other colors such as candyfloss pink, sky blue, forest green, and blood red.

3. A Lange & Söhne

Aside from Swiss brands, German brands are also big in the watch industry. Some say that A Lange & Söhne is the watch brand for watch connoisseurs.

A Lange & Söhne offers a watch with a double chronograph. This is said to record more than a single time interval at once.

They call this “rattrapante’’ which means “catch up” in French. This driving watch is said to be equal to 600bhp V8.( hottest men watches )

A Lange & Söhne’s timepiece has been admired because of its fine craftsmanship, because of a gold alloy that is said to be more durable than platinum.

4. Jaeger Lecoultre

Watches made by Jaeger Le-Coultre are unique on their own. When it comes to style and durability, Jaeger Le-Coultre is a brand you can rely on.

This is the reason one of its timepieces even made it to the top, like the 2020 version of the Memovox.

hottest men watches

When the brand first released it in the 1050s, it was one of the first wristwatches to ever have an alarm complication that chimes and vibrates.

The more modern version is more slender and tidier. Many people love its proportions and its extreme style.

5. Seiko

As for Asian brands, Seiko is at par with European watch brands. More people even love Seiko because of its affordable price yet superb quality watches.

 Even if it is affordable compared to other brands, it still holds a great deal of respect from watch lovers.

You may even respect Seiko more upon knowing that it is one of the firsts to be inspired by night diving and create watches from it.

 They released watches with stainless-steel cases coated with stunning black DLC. They have three models for this: the SPB125J1 “Sumo” with a version of 45mm and limited only to 7,000 pieces, the SLA035J1 Professional that can reach even 1000 feet in the water, only 600 models available, ( hottest men watches) and the SSC761J1 which is powered by the solar energy, only 3500 available.

Which watches hold their value best?

Here are just some top watches for men today. It is now up to you to choose which is the one that strikes the most for you and which is the one you think you will love.

Most, if not all of these watches are available in reliable stores and sites, like thewatchcompany.com. You can check out this site and see more watches that you might find more valuable.