3 Things You Should Know About Sales Funnel Software

The term ‘sales funnel’ is fast becoming rampant across almost every industry where one has to make sales. The initial rave was SEO and while many people are still trying to get the hang of it and how it can benefit their business; here comes a new term again: sales funnel. 

Well, don’t let the term overwhelm you. The two words are self-explanatory; sales and funnel. Sales meaning the buying and selling of products while funnel meaning a platform where the transactions take place

Essentially, the sales funnel software maps out the route a potential client goes through when they intend to buy a product or service.

 It further helps you to understand what the customers are likely thinking and doing that at each step of their purchasing process. With this knowledge, you can now invest in the right marketing methods and channels, create engaging messaging during each stage, and ultimately turn more prospects into recurring customers.

It would also help you identify loopholes specifically where you’re losing customers. Sales funnels are constantly evolving and you must follow the trend if you’re to meet your customer’s needs. Here are some other things you should know about the software.

  1. There Are Four Main Stages

Sales funnels, depending on your niche or industry and different factors, are usually split into various steps, which vary based on industry and other factors. There are four general steps used by most sales funnels. They include Attention, Interest, Decision, Action.  


This is where a prospect gets to know about your company but might still have a faint idea of what you offer. He probably just came across your website while seeking solutions to a challenge. That teaches an important lesson; to become more known, put out more content for people to see you.

You can do that by writing articles, organizing webinars, creating podcasts, advertisements, paid search, and landing pages.

At times when the content is good enough, your prospects might decide to make a purchase right there and then. Have in mind, however, that it doesn’t happen all the time. 

The awareness stage is essentially a courtship stage where you kind of draw them in with more enticing offers. 


After learning some necessary information about your brand, they analyze it as opposed to their interest level. Does it provide the kind of solution you’re trying to solve? 


They’ve learned more about your organization, they go further to look at your quotes and available pricing options. That’s where webinars, sales pages, and direct calls would be helpful in convincing them to purchase. 


This is the most important of all the stages; would the prospect purchase something or not? If they do, you have a recurring client; else, they might not visit again. Build nurture campaigns that would convince them to buy 98% of the time.

The Software Would Need 5 Critical Info

sales funnel

When creating an efficient sales funnel, the no-code software would need them. They include landing page, value/ offer, traffic strategy, engaging copy, and educative content. There is more information here about one of the best funnel builders. You would need the information below to input into the builder.

Landing Page

It is the first place a prospect learns about your company. The page should have information that clearly communicates the unique benefits of your brand. It should have an option for customers to input their details so you can follow up on them.


What are you willing to offer them to get them to release their information? Is there a lead magnet? 

Traffic Strategy

Would you be asking for their email address to create an email list? You need to determine what strategy you’d need to draw traffic so you can share educational content about your offering.

Engaging Copy 

As you’ve been able to draw them, you need an engaging copy to give them a little push that would cause or convince them to buy. The offer must be juicy, however.


Educative Content

Keep communicating whether or not there was a sale. Create educational content on the product so the software can keep showing it to them every now and then.

They’re Worth the Cost

The monthly price for sales funnel software ranges from 15$/month to 113$/month depending on the available feature as included by the company that built it. 

You should know that even though it might be pricey for some people, it is worth it. You wouldn’t need to learn or type any code. It’s basically just dragging and pasting; producing almost the same work as one that was coded from scratch.  

Sales funnel software can be quite helpful for any organization if they have the right content. It would save them hours of stress from coding and give them time to concentrate on other aspects of their company.