10 Best Free Cattle Record Keeping Apps

Raising animals or farming can be stressful when you have a variety of animals on your property.

There are no longer farm managers wandering about collecting information and collecting statistics about the animals they raised.

You won’t have any choice but to use top cattle recording software or an app if you want to run a cattle farm as a business. The majority of livestock farmers now use cattle record keeping apps to keep up with the current trend and remain competitive.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 best free cattle record keeping apps.

What is Livestock Management Software?

Software for livestock management helps farmers track and record their livestock from birth to sale. Animals’ life events are recorded and the most significant dates in their lifetime are kept track of.

It does not limit itself to managing cattle alone, but also includes other types of animals, including poultry, pigs, goats, and rabbits.

It also allows tracking of cost and performance metrics from animal sales, as well as the number of animals on the farm. Here are some features of these apps or software.

Managing pastures and locations:

Animals can be moved from one location to another and their locations can be tracked. Anytime you look in a particular area, you can see what animals were there.

Inbreed detection mechanisms in the system also enable informed breeding decisions as well as the management of bull exposure.

Additionally, the system provides several views that provide the location of the animals and the previous location of the animals.

Feed management:

Farm managers can track how much food each animal consumes with the system. In particular, ranch managers will benefit from this feature, as they can calculate how much feed each ranch consumes on a per-acre basis. By doing so, you can make informed decisions regarding your operation.

Detailed livestock records:

Breed, gender, age, birth date, birth weight, and dam are among the essential information captured by the software.

Each animal can be saved with detailed information along with a photo. A record of events can also be kept during the lifespan of an animal with the help of the system.

Track due dates:

Ranch managers can use the feature to track the due date for each animal they have under pasture breeding, almond farming, or embryo farming.

Based on the exposure they had to the sires, the system calculates when the animals are expected to calve. The breed of each animal can be monitored with ease if such information is available.

Event Tracker:

The system allows users to easily track events such as animal sales, treatments, births, and deaths. Users can enter information into a custom event in the software.

Once a rancher enters an event, it appears on his calendar, providing an overview of his operations.

List of Top 10  Cattle Record Keeping Software

With a mobile phone or tablet application, keeping track of cattle can be simplified in several ways, such as comparing prices, tracking livestock performance, or measuring grass growth and fertilizer applications.

1. Farmbite

CATTLE RECORD keeping apps

In Farmbrite, you will find a complete system for managing your farm and livestock. This program is designed to help you run your agricultural business more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

In addition to providing a convenient way to keep records, they have designed an all-in-one farm management system that is powerful, easy to use, and beautifully designed.

Your efficiency and profitability will increase when you use Farmbrite, as you will be able to track your resources, identify trends, gain valuable insight, and become more organized.

A major goal of Farmbrite is to help you run an agricultural business more efficiently, productively, and profitably.

2. Ranchr

CATTLE RECORD keeping apps

The Ranch Manager oversees the business’ daily operations. Ranchr offers both a mobile app as well as a desktop dashboard for you to keep track of your animals that eliminate the need to carry around paper and pens.

Be careful in your cattle management. Be sure you document the family tree, lineage, and identity of your cattle. A thorough record should be kept of the animals’ treatment, sales, and location.

It is possible to track the performance of individual animals as well as the performance of whole herds if basic accounting procedures are followed. Make notes on your ranch calendar so you stay on top of things.

You can track livestock information with a customized application. When the required modules are activated, animals such as cattle, goats, and llamas can be cared for.

The components of these creatures may be switched on or off as needed to control any combination of them.

3. Cattle Manager

It will be helpful for cattle farmers to track their herds using the Cattle Manager app. Thus, a significant amount of time-consuming paperwork is eliminated.

You can enter and view information about cows in the software, as well as submit information about them.

A user will receive a notification when critical dates and times approach, such as the day of the animal’s injection. By storing all of your data in one location, the program provides a convenient and effective way for you to keep track of your records.

You can download Cattle Manager from Google Play for free.

4. Chetu

CATTLE RECORD keeping apps

Chetu’s livestock software specialists can develop custom platforms to streamline a wide range of livestock management operations, including dairy management, poultry management, and horse management.

Besides offering native and cross-platform mobile apps, Chetu’s mobile apps provide one-click access to ID tags and animal specifications via our management platform. Some modules track animals, manage ranches, and provide an accounting.

Ranchers can view and edit data for their animals (pedigree, origin, health statistics, pending events) on any desktop or mobile device through specialized database management solutions.

5. Livestocked

CATTLE RECORD keeping apps

Online livestock management is easier with Livestocked. We know farmers would prefer to spend time in the paddock rather than in front of a computer when it comes to livestock record keeping and farm management.

Users can manage herds, embryos, semen, and sales from their desks or field locations thanks to its user-friendly mobile interfaces.

With mixed enterprise solutions, you can manage herds of various species and breeds. Pedigree browsing is easy thanks to the simple yet powerful animal search features.

6. AgriWebb

CATTLE RECORD keeping apps

To improve profitability, provenance, and sustainability, AgriWebb provides farm management software that improves global cattle and sheep production.

The Australian company AgriWebb provides livestock software and operates across multiple markets around the world, among them South Africa, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.

Using the AgriWebb platform, users have seen a 20% increase in livestock production performance on 35 million acres of cattle and sheep stock that is managed on AgriWebb.

As the world’s leading technology for livestock producers, AgriWebb is rapidly making its mark worldwide.

7. 365 Cattle

CATTLE RECORD keeping apps

A cattle management app can help track information about a herd, including the number of animals, veterinary visits, breeding information, age, sex, and more. Keeping records of the health history, treatments, and other pertinent information of your animals.

Easily track and enter changes to herds and inventories. Using the program without internet connectivity is possible.

Once the internet connection is restored, data will be delivered. Once 365 Cattle is connected to 365 Farm Net, the data will be available.

8. My Cattle Manager

CATTLE RECORD keeping apps

This dairy farming software is perfect for anyone pursuing agriculture/dairy farming because it offers streamlined cow, milk, and transaction record keeping.

Dairy farms can use this tool to simplify their operations. Cow, bull, heifer, weaner, and calf management is made easier with the help of this tool.

Beef cattle can also be managed with this tool. Tracking and changing cattle phases is easy with this software, such as switching from calf to weaner to the heifer stage, until the cow stage is reached.

Besides tethering cattle to their dams and sires, this app also tracks individual and group calves’ inseminations, pregnancies, abortions, treatments, vaccinations, castrations, and weighing.

After tracking animals for any specified or desired period, the software generates a livestock event report. Furthermore, dairy farm owners can use the software to manage cattle breeds.

The number of cattle of each breed that they own at any given moment can also be easily seen, as can the addition and removal of breeds.

9. ilivestock

CATTLE RECORD keeping apps

It helps herd managers maintain accurate records of everything from herd movements to medicine deliveries to drafts.

Among other professionals, veterinarians, herders, and flock keepers can use the tool to create files that can be inserted into books.

Using this software, an individual or a group can also track their weight gain and reproduction. The device connects to Allflex’s RS420 EID Reader via Bluetooth to collect data, so an internet connection is not necessary.

Installing and updating the application, as well as sending emails and exporting files, requires this. There is relatively easy transportation of data from and to the CTS/BCMS.

10. H Livestock

CATTLE RECORD keeping apps

Record Apps like 4-H Livestock Record can help 4-H members prepare for the show day by keeping them organized.

Through this app, users can easily monitor all livestock project animals, including their weight, feed, health, and project income and expenses. Download the free 4H Livestock Record app for iOS operating systems.