7 Ways to Protect Your Business Data from Accidental Destruction

(Business Data) Running a company isn’t a piece of cake. There are so many obstacles business owners face on a daily basis, and sometimes it can all but a bit overwhelming. One of the most important elements of every corporation is surely its data.

It has become a fuel of most firms because a lot of companies rely on e-commerce, digital service, cloud storage, and also numerous devices their corporation has.

Losing precious data is, unfortunately, something that occurs quite often, especially since the online world is filled with numerous hazardous malware. 

Even though no one ever expects the worst-case scenario, meaning the loss of crucial data, you still have to be prepared for it, no matter what. To help you prevent these awful things, we put together a list of things you can do to avoid them.

Don’t Forget Firewall and Antivirus

One of the most important steps when it comes to protecting your data is to opt for a firewall and a high-quality antivirus. With the help of these useful tools, you’ll be able to secure any sensitive data your firm has.

It’s worth mentioning that viruses and malware can be very lethal to any type of business data because they are capable of stealing all kinds of sensitive and essential information, which can lead to even bigger data breaches.

That’s precisely why having a firewall and antivirus is a must! Ensure to opt for the ones that were made to deal with the scope, size, and security requirements of your company and make sure they are constantly being updated.

Consider Having Disaster Recovery

What does this term represent? Namely, IT disaster recovery and prevention has one major goal, and that is to secure business data systems and data.

Thanks to this solution, you will get the warranty of restore services, systems, and apps as well as drastically lower RPO and RTO.

With its help, your organization is going to be able to drastically decrease restore times depending on your needs, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible without a Disaster Recovery solution.

Besides this, you will also get the opportunity to create and supervise your own Disaster Recovery.

With the personalization with this type of solution, you can pick the replication frequency, as well as restore the best possible recovery times for your company.

Constantly Back Up Your Data

It is easy to conclude that prevention is for sure the best thing you can do for your corporation when it comes to data loss.

Therefore, you should make a structured backup strategy and ensure to always back up all your files.

What does your backup plan is supposed to have? It should involve various levels of information you maintain in your business data and make sure to continuously schedule for the backups. 

If you have some data that is extremely important to you and your firm, then you should back it up every single week. More importantly, make sure to test your backups from time to time just to see if your data is backed up the right way.

Focus On Creating a Strong Password

Having an omnipotent password is also very important. Ensure to make password-protected access to accounts and networks that are filled with sensitive information.

 Moreover, it also wouldn’t hurt if you told your employees to also create strong passwords for every single account they are utilizing.

Business Data

They can do so by employing numerous characters. After that, you should focus on two-factor authentication.

What will happen then? Both you and your workers are going to receive a message on your cell phones for the second set of different codes to access a certain account.

This allows you to confirm the identity of anyone who is trying to access the data of your firm.

Separate Business and Personal Accounts

Even though this is more than obvious, a lot of business owners are not prone to this. Now, this rule doesn’t just apply to credit cards and bank accounts. It refers to every single account that you have, including data storage and email.

Make sure to keep them separate and have passwords that are difficult to figure out for all your accounts. Why is this so important? So what if, for instance, somebody hacks into your personal mail?


If that happens, it is highly likely that that individual is going to gain access to all sensitive business data, hence, this is something that must be done.

Ensure everybody who works for you does exactly the same thing. If they don’t, a potential disaster can occur.

Employ Disk Encryption

Fortunately, there are so many third products out there on the market that will enable you to encrypt your disk.

Whole disk encryption locks everything your partition or disk drive contains and is transparent to the person who is using it.

Further, data is immediately encrypted when it is written to your hard disk and instantly decrypted before it is being placed into memory.

Most of these programs can make invisible containers in the partition that behave like a hidden disk that’s inside a disk.

Other users are not able to see anything else but the data that’s within the outer disk. Disk encryption products can be employed to encrypt various things, such as flash drives, USB drives, and many others.

In fact, some of them enable you to develop a master password along with secondary passwords that you can give to other people’s business data. These examples include Drive Crypt, PGP Whole Disk Encryption, and many others. 

Make Sure Your Computer Is Dry and Isn’t Filled with Dust

These things people tend to overlook, which isn’t good, especially if you are running a huge company. Namely, in time, dust can build up which can lead to overheating, while humidity can cause rusting.

Both of these things can negatively affect your hardware. That’s why you should make sure that your computer is always dust-free and is placed in a safe and dry area. 

As you can see, there are so many things you can do to protect your data. Accidents and mistakes can happen and that’s completely normal, however, with these tips you’ll be able to prevent them.