Complete Leaptel Review: Internet Plans, Speed, And Features

Those who have been disappointed by cheap internet in the past might be interested in Leaptel. The company calls itself the “best” Internet service provider in Australia (a bold statement) and says that it won’t overload its network. A Leaptel plan includes the following features:

  • Plans without limits for internet access
  • Excellent customer service from Australian call centers
  • NBN plans can be changed at no extra cost
  • A 24-month contract includes a modem
  • Without a setup fee

Leaptel may be a good option for those who have been disappointed by cheap broadband plans in the past. Among the speed tiers offered by Leaptel are ADSL and NBN plans.

How does Leaptel compare with other providers, and what are its strengths and weaknesses? We will discuss them in a later section Leaptel

Internet specification

The more advanced specifications of Leaptel Internet allow you to prioritize which device to use when using the Internet. The greatest download hoards out there are probably new game deliveries and patches.

In case you haven’t heard, various games, such as Fortnite and Honor Duty: Modern Warfare, regularly release patches weighing more than 10Gb between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Due to this, you might discover that these games overwhelm your association with the automatic reports that are generated due to the installation of these games, and suddenly every person on the premises feels helpless, regardless of their activity.

Comparing Leaptel to other providers, what are the differences?

Leaptel doesn’t make the list of the cheapest products on purpose. To provide peace of mind to consumers, Leaptel focuses on customer service and its speed guarantee as a move away from the cheap and cheerful market segment.

These companies are not cheap, but you may want to consider them, especially if customer service isn’t a priority for you.

ADSL vs. Leaptel

With unlimited data, line rental is included at $59.95 a month On the unlimited ADSL market, you can expect to pay around $30 at most. It is however important to note that many of the cheapest plans do not include line rental, which can add $20 or so to your monthly bill.

Leaptel is a good example of an unlimited naked broadband service, which generally starts at around $60. In this scenario, Dodo, AusBBS, Bendigo Bank Telco, and Belong Broadband all offer the cheapest rates.

None of the telcos require a contract. Please keep in mind, however, that many of these telcos do not include line rental. Typical barebones products come with barebones pricing, so you will have to pay for things like modems, line rental fees, and activation fees.

Leaptel NBN Compared

Unlimited NBN 12 costs $59.95, unlimited NBN 25 costs $69.95, and unlimited NBN 50 costs $89.95 As far as the basic NBN 12 speeds are concerned, Leaptel’s rates are competitive and their fees setting up no-contract accounts are lower than most of the market.

Among the basic providers can be found SpinTel, AusBBS, and Bendigo Bank Telco. Leaptel has many benefits over its competitors, including guarantees of speed and customer service, along with a commitment not to oversubscribe the network.

Despite stiff competition, Leaptel’s NBN 25 plans offer unlimited data for under $70 a month – not bad for the first superfast plan. If you have your modem, all of those providers, along with Tangerine Telecom, will not charge you any set-up fees.

Leaptel’s fastest speed offering – NBN 50 – may be a whopping $20 more expensive than its next-lowest speed tier, but it still falls short when compared to other speed tiers. For less than $80 a month, unlimited data is available.

MyRepublic has the cheapest of the cheap but does not offer reliable customer service or speed guarantees, which Leaptel does. Additionally, Tangerine, Celeron, and AusBBS compete in this sphere.

Internet Pricing


Leaptel offers the widest range of plans, while NBN plans range from $49.95 for a 100GB plan up to unlimited plans starting around 12/1.

For a speed level that does not have unlimited information, you must pay an additional $10. NBN12, NBN25, NBN50, NBN100, and NBN250 are all accessible. As usual, there will be set-up and modem fees; however, clients can also add a VoIP arrangement to their bundle if they wish:

  • Calls within the neighborhood and to the public are $9.95 per month
  • Calls to Australia and the public are $19.95 per month
  • NBN for less than $60 seems like a very good arrangement, but let’s just see how Leaptel compares with other providers.

Leaptel Guaranteed Internet Speed

Leaptel’s plans include a 10% speed boost as part of their package. If your ADSL or NBN speeds are lower than 10% of their listed speeds, you may be able to terminate your contract.

  • The advertised download speed of 25Mbps would have to be received regularly to receive 22.5 Mbps regularly

Even though FTTN subscribers receive only 25Mbps download speeds, higher speed tiers do not receive 10 percent guaranteed download speeds. This stipulation is an NBN Co requirement, so Leaptel does not have to comply. To verify complaints, customers will need to go through the following process:

  • The client must submit three screenshots taken at various times during the day of Leaptel’s speed-test servers

To record and send these speeds to Leaptel, the customer probably needs to be home during the day. The fact that a telco is doing something about slow internet speeds is encouraging since this is a unique offering in the Australian market.

Why Choose Leaptel

No overseas call centers

You will receive exceptional service from a team of local tech experts. Our expert advice will respond to your needs immediately.

Local trusted experts

Experts who are confidently able to solve problems without waffles are essential to seamless online service. You can get online right away by talking to a tech-savvy member of our team.

Within 10% speed guarantee

Speed is what you pay for – guaranteed. You won’t be locked into a contract with their ‘Within 10% Speed Guarantee.’ It’s only fair.


Despite being affordable, Leaptel remains committed to speed and customer service. While many of the service providers’ plans are very affordable, Leaptel remains committed to speed and customer service.

While Leaptel may cost an extra $5 per month in some cases, the extra value on service and speed may be well worth the extra cost. You won’t be penalized by Leaptel in other areas, such as modem and activation fees or contract length.

If you’re tired of cheap and cheerful providers, Leaptel may be worth a look if you’re looking for a smaller company that competes against some big bullfrogs.