Top apps to improve your soft skills

If you are a 90s kid, you might have little or no idea about soft skills when growing up. But an abrupt transition in the hyper-tech age has opened doors to a whole new world.

Let us introduce you to this term, “soft skills.”

Soft skills are the characteristics and interpersonal skills that influence how a person can interact with others. It covers a comprehensive range of skills, including teamwork, empathy, time management, and delegation.

The Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum suggested that by 2025, critical thinking, complex problem-solving, people management, creativity, and emotional intelligence would be among the most important skills acquired in the workplace.

Meanwhile, the iCIMIS Hiring Insight (2017) discovered that 94% of recruiting professionals believe an employee with solid soft skills can quickly achieve a leadership position.

It is, therefore, necessary to polish your soft skills if you want to swim through the current world order.

Here are some apps that could provide you with the much-needed armour:


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Coursera is an online learning platform that offers over 2000 courses developed by reputable colleges and universities. It includes a wide range of business and soft skills. They aim to increase the expertise of students in areas of communication and conduct.

Courses like Creative Thinking by Imperial College and Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills by the University of Michigan are examples of well-rounded, skill-boosting courses.

Have more questions about Coursera? Like whether Coursera is accredited, or if they offer university degrees? Visit for more information.

Learning through this portal is highly convenient and flexible. The final certificate accreditation is renowned and adds value to the curriculum vitae (CV).

Coursera is part of the growing Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) movement. The eLearning platform focuses on partnerships with corporations and universities.

Hence, it is the right place to begin a journey to empower yourself.

Virtual Speech

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Virtual speech is a VR-based, soft skills training app. When acquired with the other online courses, it could enhance critical communication skills such as leadership, public speaking, and job interviews.

The app aims for you to improve your speaking skills. It gives you a feeling that you are in a conference room with a few dozen people or an assembly hall with a crowd of hundreds. It requires any VR headset. Plus, there is a vast collection of videos providing advice and lessons about speaking and using your voice.

Some features of this app cover the following:

  • Save speeches to review later
  • Upload your slides or presentations
  • Realistic avatars or virtual environment
  • Eye contact ranking
  • Speech analysis with real-time feedback on the delivery of that speech

So far, it has more than 350 000 learners across the globe. The best part is, you can immerse yourself in a life-like world of speaking challenges. It helps you to spot flaws in your spoken patterns and work to weed those out.

The advanced security algorithm of this app is similar to that of airG scam free apps. This makes it a reliable and trustworthy application to begin your speech building skills.


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Elevate is a brain-training app that contains simple games to sharpen the cognitive skills of the users. Skills like recalling and processing require constant honing to reach their optimal level.

Each game is designed to check a different language angle, such as writing, reading, and speaking. The player receives a ranking comparing their performance with others.

Users are less likely to get fed up with this training app due to a pretty good level of variance offered. The app promises to give your brain a much-needed workout.

 It focuses on the core cognitive abilities, including attention, memory, pattern recognition, and problem-solving. These are the much-needed exercises to improve mental health.

All games are short and entertaining enough. The player doesn’t feel like they are in an academic setting or exercising their brains, even when they are.

Business Inc 3D

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Invest in a mobile business or sell your property in a corporate strategic game, Business Inc 3D. You might end up losing the virtual roof over your head or end up as a filthy wealthy businessman in the digital world.

The aim loosely simulates how to run a start-up business. The responsibilities that are put upon the player include planning projects, managing employees, purchasing the official equipment, or executing the projects. All in all, it is a game to provide an enriching experience to all players.

Here is how to go about this game:

  • Earn as much money as you can and develop your company
  • Assign a project to your employees and wait for it to complete
  • Monitor the profits of a project and cancel it if the results aren’t as anticipated
  • Hire employees and upgrade your setup when you get more finances in the game

But if you want to explore how to run business in other industries, we suggest you check out the apps like MyCafe or MySupermarket.

LinkedIn Learning

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LinkedIn Learning is one of the essential online learning platforms that is making waves in the academic domain.  It helps the organizations to increase learner engagement and develop the skills they need today or tomorrow.

It provides courses in domains including business as well as artistic and creative ones. In 2015, LinkedIn purchased (a MOOC provider with a comprehensive courses database). All of the courses on were transferred to LinkedIn Learning.


Sixteen thousand courses from were switched to LinkedIn Learning. Along with this, 50 courses are added every week.

So the course library is always full, brimming with updated courses that line up with the most demanded corporate, creative, and technical requirements.

I Meet Myself

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I Meet Myself is a narrative-based app that could also be described as a “salve for the soul.” At times, we need a powerful pep talk to pull us out of a miserable state.

Four different story chapters lead you to ask and respond to questions about yourself. When you provide these answers, it helps to reveal some cement and personal beliefs. These come in handy to identify the weaknesses of a personality and work to improve those.

The stories aim the reader to analyze their personality, finding a way to tweak the traits. It is a journey of rediscovering yourself and gradual personal growth.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list provides you with an insight into the soft skills that need nurture. If you lack in any of these, opt for one or more of the listed apps. You can also browse to find a more suitable one for your traits.

Don’t forget to tell us when you do!

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