What is Marianas Web All About? Who Can Get Access to the Mariana’s Web

Marianas Web is the name ascribed to the Internet’s deepest part, and it was inspired by Mariana’s Trench. Mariana’s Trench, with a depth of nearly 7 miles, is the world’s deepest trench (11.3 Km).

Most of it is still unknown, and scientists are still investigating what lies beneath its murky depths. As a result, the deepest area of the Internet bears its name.

Widespread Use of the Internet….

Nowadays, the Internet and network connections are employed in almost everything. We use the Internet to find nearby eateries, be entertained, communicate, and check flight schedules, among other things.

The use of the Internet has exploded, and this trend will certainly continue.

Many people believe that everything we see on Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and other search engines is on the Internet.

However, the section of the Internet we commonly access is known as the Surface Web, which is claimed to account for only 4% of all content on the Internet.


The Sectors of the Web We Don’t Know About

As you can imagine, we hardly know anything about the Internet. We don’t even bother to check out the farthest reaches of the web. And we cannot access them like we use the Surface Web.

In this section, you will get to know about the different layers of the web. These are:

  • Surface Web
  • Bergie Web
  • Deep Web
  • Charter Web
  • Mariana’s Web
  • Level 6
  • The Fog/Virus Soup
  • The Primarch System

In this blog, we will only take a look at Mariana’s Web and its characteristics.

What is the Marianas Web? Does it Really Exist?

Mariana’s Web is a darker, deeper, and more deadly section of the Internet than the deep web. It may appear to be a legend, but it is not.

This section of the Internet is thought to contain the secrets of powerful agencies. This is also where you’ll find the most unsettling website on the Internet. Some claim that Mariana’s web hosts secret government and agency data.

There’s no way of knowing what’s truly on this area of the Internet, which is why so many rumors have surfaced.

What are Some of the Rumors around Mariana’s Web?

In this section, we will take a look at the rumors. This might prove to be accurate or just hoaxes.

Rumor 1: Presence of a Powerful AI in Mariana’s Web

Mariana’s Web is said to be administered by a sophisticated AI with sentience. These bots are capable of sensing, perceiving, and monitoring all internet activity. The Mariana’s Web is also said to be an AI, according to rumors.

Rumor 2: All of Mankind’s Darkest Secrets are Hidden in the Mariana Web

Information is essential to everything; we can find practically anything on the Surface Web, but certain terrible secrets remain hidden.

Mariana’s Web is rumored to be a digital repository of X-files. Do you wish to know where Atlantis is located?

Its location is said to be there. It could also comprise a database of intelligence agency archives. The Mariana Web contains the answers to these questions.

Cicada 3301, for example, is one of many riddles in which a conundrum must be solved.

Rumor 3: Mariana’s Web is a Completely Made-up Creation

Some hackers claim to have created Mariana’s Web under the guise of anonymity because the FBI was blackmailing them. The FBI needed them to create a distraction from its efforts to shut down numerous black markets on the Dark Web.

Rumor 4: Closed Shell Systems Account for Mariana’s Web Works

When Mariana’s web is discussed, one of the fascinating concepts is the Closed Shell System. The Mariana web is thought to be a collection of closed-shell systems. As a result, Quantum Computer can only be reached via a rare LAN Network.

Hopefully, you have some understanding regarding the Mariana Web. In the following section, we will take a look at how one can access this Web. 

How Can One Access the Mariana Web?

In this section, you will get a detailed insight into where and how to find the key to the gateway of the Mariana Web. 

Involvement of an Algorithm?

Marianas Web, unlike the deep web, is not accessible via Tor. Marianas Web is a little more challenging to get to. According to the rumor, you must calculate the Polymeric Falcighol Derivation, a complicated algorithm.

There is some skepticism about whether or not this algorithm is real. Furthermore, you may be faced with the impossible task of computing something that does not exist while attempting to solve it.

Algorithm Calculation Requirements…


Furthermore, you cannot perform this calculation on any machine. Instead, you’ll need a quantum computer, a cutting-edge technology that isn’t yet widely available.

There’s a legitimate explanation for this lack of accessibility to the general population. Quantum computers now require very harsh conditions to function effectively.

The processor of a D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer, for example, can only operate in severe conditions. It can only function in a vacuum pressure 10 billion times slower than the atmosphere on Earth.

You’re out of luck unless you have a climate-controlled area in your house that can mimic the conditions of outer space.

Quantum computers are primarily held by government entities because of their unique requirements. This means that only a few people who work for these government agencies are likely to have access to Mariana’s Web.

Thus, no ordinary person can access Mariana’s Web. One has to be extremely intelligent to break the code and algorithm, and he or she would require quantum computers.

Hopefully, you will find this blog interesting, and if you write a paper on the same, you can use the pointers mentioned here.

Author Bio: Daniel Raymond is an expert programmer and was formerly associated with a reputed company in the USA. He has an interest in ethical hacking and is a certified hacker. Currently, he is associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com on a part-time basis as a supervisor.