What is Custom Rom: 13 Best Custom ROM for POCO F1

POCO F1 has built a reputation as a highly competitive smartphone since its launch in 2018. Considering its price, it had excellent specs. We have compiled a list of the best custom ROMs for POCO F1 here since this phone has so many users.

The POCO F1 is equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor and 6/8 GB of RAM. In addition to the 6.18″ display, it comes with dual cameras of 12 MP and 5 MP. The MIUI for the POCO F1 has been tailored for POCO, which isn’t a light UI, and may not be liked by all users.

Accordingly, custom ROMs are created to meet the demands of the users. A Custom ROM offers many extra features and benefits, such as animations, gestures, lock screens, and status bars, among others. It improves the overall usability, battery life, and performance of POCO smartphones.

Based on the type of ROM used, there may be different customization options available to you. From an actual MIUI experience, you can use a stock ROM. Let’s now move on to learn more about Custom ROMs, my POCO friends.

What Is Android Stock ROM?

“Stock Firmware” is the default firmware for most new Android devices. Your device comes preinstalled with the stock ROM. As defined by the manufacturer, the stock ROM has limited functionality. For your device to have additional features, you’ll need to install a custom ROM.

What is Custom ROM?

In the world of Android, you know that a developer can take all the source code from Google and construct an operating system for Android phones and tablets from the ground up. These types of apps are referred to as Custom ROMs.

You can replace the factory-installed Android Operating system (Stock ROM) with a custom ROM. Custom ROMs come with a kernel, making them completely standalone OSes.

To achieve a pure Android experience, some developers in the Android Community will strip away all the Garbage and rewrite the Android OS without any carrier-installed apps or OEM apps.


  • Android experience as close to stock as possible
  • Using the latest Android OS on older devices
  • Removing manufacturer bloatware
  • Customization and new features


  • Violation of warranty
  • Risk of device damage
  • Stability issues
  • Poor battery performance
  • Possible poor performance of the camera

Best custom ROMs for POCO F1

Pixel Experience


Because of how many people have downloaded it, the Pixel Experience is the best custom room for POCO F1. POCO F1 users can experience all the Google Pixel features with this ROM, based on AOSP.

In addition to wallpaper, sounds, and fonts, boot animation is also included. Pixel Experience doesn’t have many features, since it is a clean port. As a result, it makes for an extremely stable custom ROM, one with long battery life.

It is frequently updated and bug-fixed. Any list of the best custom ROMs for the POCO F1 will probably contain Pixel Experience custom ROM.

Lineage OS 17.1 Unofficial

It’s widely known that Lineage OS works best with your device. Stability is its main asset. The POCO F1 Custom ROM differs significantly from this MIUI. It offers a similar skin to that of the Nexus / Pixel along with a few additional features.

This device has a large following in the community. Performance can be attributed to its reliability, which makes it an ideal ROM. Lineage OS provides a few new twerks for users using light and simple stock Android.

If you encounter any issues with the latest version, you can try the older version. For POCO F1 users, Lineage OS offers complete device support, making it a great choice as a custom ROM.


CAF is the basis for ReloadedOS, a custom Android ROM. The goal of this application is to provide an AOSP experience while providing battery backup and performance. As a CAF-based ROM, it includes Qualcomm-specific optimizations and enhancements.

In case you don’t know, CAF is essentially Android’s Open-Source Project, but optimized for Snapdragon-powered devices using additional Qualcomm hardware optimizations. There aren’t a lot of extra features in ReloadedOS, but if you enjoy the AOSP interface, then you will love it.


A custom ROM known as HVOC OS is developed by theo.j22 of XDA Developers. AOSP is used to develop this ROM and Pixel is used to inspire its design. Simple, clean, and neat are the main goals of this ROM.

In addition, it offers decent performance and features Material Design 2.0. It also offers a few additional features and is referred to as “All you could ever want, and everything you could ever need.

With Havoc OS, you can customize animation, see ambient light, use gaming mode, use tile shortcuts, and follow a compass among many other features. You can directly contact the developer if you encounter any bugs as a precaution. This operating system uses Android 10 as well.


On our list of best ROMs for your Poco F1, we have CrDroid, one of the most reliable ROMs. In addition to improving performance and stability, it also allows the phone to access many of the features available on an Android running the latest firmware.

This is one of the best ROMs for the Poco F1 that can be flashed. In addition to its security, it has a cleaner interface and more customization options than you are likely to find anywhere else.

Furthermore, the developer consistently releases new features and fixes bug fixes.

Nitrogen OS


We have Nitrogen OS by Nitrogen Project on our list as our next ROM. Over the stock UI that comes with Poco, the ROM provides a stable experience. This is the ROM to look out for if you are looking for more features, customizations, and reliability.

Updates are adding a variety of new features and security patches to ROMs while reducing bugs.


Not only is OmniROM the best custom ROM for the POCO F1, but it is also one of the best ROMs available for Android devices in general. The OmniROM interface is nearly stock Android and based on the official AOSP source code.

The ROM offers a wide range of customizations while remaining extremely stable. It is well known that OmniROM offers a comprehensive feature list, so you know you are in good hands.

Resurrection Remix

Next on our list is Resurrection Remix. With regards to customization, it’s one of the most customizable ROMs on the market. Furthermore, the firmware optimizes the phone’s battery life.

You will love Resurrection Remix if you enjoy tinkering with your phone’s customizations. It is more likely that you will get more features with a smoother experience than you would have with an Android phone.

Several other ROMs have been combined with Resurrection Remix, including Lineage OS, Omni, Slim Roms, and the original Remix build. Thus, the ROM is more stable and has more features than other ROMs.

Paranoid Android

The Paranoid Android ROM joins OmniROM as another popular custom ROM. Their feature sets have made them two of the most innovative custom ROM projects. A performance and stability guarantee is included with Paranoid Android ROM.

Plus, it has a pretty decent battery backup and offers a lot of cool features. Paranoid Android wallpapers are also included in the package as part of the goodies. While the ROM gets some updates, it isn’t as comprehensive as some of our other picks.

Its features and extra stability make it one of the top custom ROMs for POCO F1. I’d recommend you try it out for its extra features.


In the Android world, there’s a new custom ROM called ArrowOS, which borrows from AOSP while keeping things as simple as possible. The ROM enables almost the same features that are very useful for ROM customization and ultimately enhances battery life with smoother performance.


Among the best custom ROMs on our list, dotOS stands out for its beautiful design. The Customizations app offers a variety of settings, such as battery styles, traffic indicators, fonts, and icons packs.

Theme management is also included. Probably because of the number of customization options on the plate, the battery backup isn’t among the best. Users who like colorful user interfaces and bright colors will enjoy this custom ROM.


POCO F1 users prefer AOSiP over other custom ROMs because it is more stable. Known for its good performance along with a solid battery backup, this project has been around for quite some time.

AOSiP is built on AOSP, which is integrated with other custom ROM projects. That being said, the only problem with this ROM is that updates are delayed. This is a good choice for your POCO F1 if you’re okay with not keeping up with the times.

Oxygen OS

We are looking forward to trying Oxygen OS next. Originally, this ROM was OnePlus’ Custom UI, and other manufacturers have followed suit. Using Android Pie provides all the features of OOS to the POCO F1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Poco F1 need a custom ROM?

Gaming capabilities will not be affected by the ROM, but a custom Kernel that is feature-rich and supports overclocking will provide a significant improvement. Custom Kernels for Poco F1 are in abundance, so a custom ROM based on Android 10 would be an ideal set-up.

Is Poco F1 the best gaming phone?

The Poco F1 provides decent gaming and benchmarking performance. In addition to its high performance, the Snapdragon 845 runs standard day-to-day tasks smoothly.

Is Poco F1 best for PUBG mobile?

With the Poco F1, you can easily play PUBG MOBILE on Android at its best in the cheapest way. Starting from Rs 23,999, the Armored edition offers Kevlar rear panels with carbon fiber patterns.

Which ROM provides the best battery life?

One of the best ROMs out there is Lineage OS. It’s superbly coded and amazingly power efficient.


These are some of the best ROMs for Poco F1. Each one offers different features and performance. They range from those with extensive features to those who just offer stock Android like Arrow OS.