2 Best Methods to Fix Sportz Tv not Working: Best Sportz Tv Alternative

As soon as Xtream Codes, a popular IPTV software provider, shut its doors and no longer offers its IPTV solutions, Sportz TV was forced to migrate to another platform. The outage has affected a lot of IPTV services and millions of users around the world.

There was no way to recover for many IPTV providers. There are only a few providers who maintain backup plans, including Sportz TV. Our article will show you how to resolve the problem of sportz not working.

The 2 best ways to fix Sportz tv IPTV Channel not working

Sportz TV offers over 6600 HD live channels on an Amazon FireStick, making it one of the best IPTV services available. Streaming content will be available to you at a reasonable price. Recent changes have been made by Sportsz TV to its platform.

However, a large number of users complain that the application doesn’t stream anything, and the videos cannot be loaded. In the event that you’re having trouble with this IPTV service recently, you’re not alone.

Sportz TV can be made to work again with the right method. The steps to resolve this issue are included in this guide. We found these steps to be effective.

Nearly all channels can be broadcast. We expect they will be equally effective for you. It consists of two parts: identifying the issue and resolving it.

Follow both parts in the same order as below to get Sportz TV up and running:

  • Sportz TV app on FireStick must be reset
  • In Sportz TV, update the DNS settings

On a FireStick, reset the Sportz TV app

It is well known that Sportsz TV has changed platforms. You may encounter conflicts if you are logged in from the old platform with the data in Sportz TV applications. To resolve this, a reset of the application would be a good idea. These are the steps:

  • In the top menu bar of the FireStick, select Settings from the FireStick home screen
  • Select the Apps option from the FireStick settings
  • Open the Manage installed apps page
  • Go to Sportz TV by scrolling down
  • In the next screen, click Delete data in the menu that appears
  • In the next window, click Delete data again
  • If Data: 0 B appears under Storage, it means that the Sportz TV FireStick app resets.
  • Cache: 0 B should be displayed on the right, in Cache.
  • If you do not see this option, click the Clear cache button
  • Your FireStick app has been successfully reinstalled.
  • In the same window as above, click Start application to open the application.
  • Alternatively, click Your apps and channels to open the application.

In the Sportz TV FireStick app, update the DNS

These are the steps:

  • To start watching Sportz TV, open the app
  • The login screen should now appear In the bottom right corner of this window, click UPDATE DNS
  • You must use your Sportz TV username and password to log into the application
  • The Any Name field can be filled with any name
  • You are now ready to stream.

Around the world, governments and ISPs monitor their users’ online activity. It’s possible to get into serious trouble if you use a Fire TV Stick with copyrighted content.

Your IP is now publicly visible. To ensure that your movie viewing experience doesn’t look bad, I highly recommend getting a good VPN from FireStick.

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How do you recover a forgotten Sportz TV password?

Sportz Tv not Working

Restarting Sportz TV will end the application session. In order to log in to the app, you need to use the username and password that you used to log in to Sportz TV.

You can retrieve your password from your online account if you cannot find or remember it. With Sportz TV, you will need two passwords, which can be confusing. To make things easier, I’m going to distribute them separately.

Username and password for online accounts:

Your password is created in a web browser during the registration process. Once created, it is used to login to your account online.

Sportz TV app login requires a different password to this one. Log into your online account using your email address and password in a web browser by using your registered email address and password

Password for transmission (or service):

When you successfully purchase Sportz TV, an automatic password is generated for you. Along with your username, you will receive the password via email. You will need this password in order to log into FireStick (or other devices).

Your Sportz TV app login credentials (username and password) can be found by logging into your account online if you cannot find the email that contained the password.

  • Open the Sportz TV login page
  • Please enter the email address and password associated with your online account Please click on Have you forgotten your password? for help with forgotten passwords.
  • When logged in to Sportz TV, click on My orders.
  • Visit the website and click the subscription you currently have
  • Soon after you land on the next page, you’ll see your service username Y key, which you need to access Sportz TV from a FireStick or other device.

Sportz TV Alternatives

Sportsz TV alternatives are regularly updated and sometimes go offline, so please take that into consideration. According to our records, IPTV services listed below are currently available and working.

Apollo Group TV

Apollo Group TV offers a great selection of channels and is popular among live TV subscribers. Sports Z TV not working can now be replaced with Apollo Group TV.

With over 1,000 HD channels and five connection options, subscribers can choose from four different subscription plans. The first 10 days are free!

Sportz Tv not Working


vidgo’s IPTV package starts at $10 with a special discount and has over 95 live channels and major sports packages. Many options are available here, such as NFL Redzone, ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, TLC, Discovery, and many more!


YeahIPTV has previously been a reliable IPTV provider for Sportz TV (JC Media). For less than $13.00 a month, you can watch over 6,000 HD channels, watch VOD and catch up on catch up TV. YeahIPTV’s biggest advantage is that it only accepts Bitcoin payments.


IPTV service Xtreme HD offers many channels and video-on-demand options. With over 16,000 channels, VOD, catch-up, and more, subscribers have a choice of subscription plans.


As the last alternative to Sportz TV (JC Media) not working, we recommend FuboTV. There are three different plans available, with the most popular plan costing $64.9/month and including over 115 channels.

You can get a 7-Day Free Trial at fuboTV if you’re a new user! So you can give it a try without any commitments.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How come my IPTV channels do not work?

The IPTV Smarters servers may be down, or your internet connection may be poor and unstable, if the app takes a long time to load or won’t load at all. It’s usually a simple matter to relaunch or reset the application if this is the issue.

What is the process for subscribing to sportz TV?

Visit the official site first and take a look at the available subscription plans before signing up for Sportz TV services.

Reading thoroughly these subscription plans and choosing one that suits your preferences is the third step. Select the subscription plan that suits your needs.

Is IPTV legal?

Providers must adhere to copyright laws for IPTV to be legal. Each show or program they provide must have a license.  


This is how you can resolve the issues of IPTV provider sportz Tv not working. These are the simple solutions of this problem and if still it is not working, we have also provided you with the option of other IPTV providers. We hope so this article would be helpful for you.