Opera GX vs Google Chrome: Which Browser Should You Choose?

If you are having trouble choosing between Google Chrome or Opera GX, then you have arrived at the right place. Here, you will get a detailed insight into whether the browsers are suitable for gaming or casual surfing.

General Consensus

Both Opera GX and Chrome browsers have their specific characteristics and features. Because of its numerous unique and entertaining features, the Opera GX browser is referred to as a gaming browser.

Chrome is widely used by Windows PC users, but concerns about privacy and memory utilization remain. On the other hand, Opera GX is a powerful browser with strong privacy and security features.

Opera GX has currently become the largest tech server on Discord and has around 2,90,000 members. On the contrary, Chrome has about 2.65 billion users.

The Differences…

In this section, we will take a look at the differences between the two browsers.

UI and Design

Both browsers are vastly different in terms of design and user experience. Unlike Chrome, which uses a typical Chromium-based design language, Opera GX uses a more aggressive design language.

Razer Chroma integration is included in Opera GX, which has a gaming-inspired theme. GX RGBs can match any gaming rig with dark themes and vibrant hues.

Any of your Razer Chroma-enabled accessories will operate nicely with the Chroma integration. The Easy Setup option allows users to further personalize the GX browser.

For example, you can set the browser’s highlight color to one of the few pre-selected colors. Opera also has wallpapers that may be customized. However, this feature is also present in Google Chrome.

Availability of Shortcuts in Opera GX

You’ll find shortcuts to prominent social media and streaming services like Twitch, Discord, Reddit, and YouTube when you open the GX browser.

If you wish to, you can add more websites. There’s also a shortcut to capture a photo and brief weather information for your city.

Basic functionalities are comparable in both browsers; however, the gaming browser (Opera GX) offers a lot more on the sidebar.



Given that both browsers have the same core, it’s no wonder that they’re both quick. However, even if Chrome performs somewhat better on the Jetstream benchmark, the difference is difficult to see in day-to-day use.

Opera GX has a significant edge over Chrome in terms of resource utilization. Chrome has a reputation for consuming a lot of memory. On the other hand, Opera’s browser is more memory efficient, but it also has built-in resource management tools.

One of the most intriguing features is the GX Control tool, which incorporates a RAM and CPU restriction. You can utilize GX control to compel the browser to use only a small portion of your system’s memory and limit CPU use to only 10%.

This may cause the browser to slow down, but it is useful to give your games additional resources. In addition, GX control helps better allocate resources if you have a habit of keeping your browser open while gaming.


It’s simple enough to go from Chrome to Opera GX. After you install the browser, you’ll be allowed to instantly import your browsing history. Then, moving on to extensions, Chrome, owing to the Chrome store, offers the best extensions accessible for the browser.

That isn’t to say Opera GX isn’t up to date when it comes to extension support. For example, extensions can be downloaded through the Opera add-on page, while Chrome extensions can be downloaded via the Chrome web store.

Snapshot Feature

You can capture the entire screen or a specific area by clicking the camera icon. You may also add text, emoticons, annotations, blur text, and even screenshots.

In addition to this, GX has numerous features that Chrome doesn’t have. These are built-in ad blockers and a Dark theme. Furthermore, Opera GX has:

GX Cleaner

Click the GX Cleaner symbol on the left tab. You will find a built-in cleanup utility that cleans up your browser and makes it run quicker and smoother.

You may clean your browsing history, downloads, sidebar icon, cache, and cookies by selecting them and cleaning them.



Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music are among the three major audio streaming platforms represented by the play button.

My Flow

Opera browsers, including GX, have another unique feature called My Flow. It enables you to use My Flow to link all your devices and transmit messages and files between your mobile and PC.

Security and Privacy

More privacy options are available in Opera GX than in Chrome. Furthermore, as a Google product, Chrome has always been a source of controversy regarding data privacy.

Chrome has a browser cleanup tool that can detect and delete harmful malware and identify risky websites, extensions, and downloads.

The majority of these features, as well as a few more, are available in Opera GX. The built-in ad-blocker protects users from visiting fraudulent websites, blocks all third-party trackers, and enables anonymous browsing via a built-in VPN.


Chrome browsers can sync practically everything, including passwords, bookmarks, and history, across several devices. It also manages flawless sync between all of your devices, regardless of platform.

Opera GX also has excellent sync capabilities for practically all aspects of the browser, including bookmarks, speed dials, history, passwords, and so on. However, it is still in the early stages of development.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Chrome is available on nearly every major platform, including Chromebooks, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and iPadOS.

Opera GX is a game-inspired browser that runs on Windows, which is, of course, the only major PC gaming platform available today.

As you can see, Opera GX covers all the aspects that are carried out by Google Chrome. However, there are other features of Opera GX that you can take advantage of, So, it all boils down to your requirements.

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