How much does a tune-up cost at Walmart and what does it include?

In the first instance, tune-ups refer to the ignition system. This is more common with older models. These days, it is referred to a wide range of automotive services, including replacing filters, hoses, fluids, wires, and tires.

Your car must need maintenance, and you probably want to know where to get it done. Walmart is a good place to get it done. Discover how much a tune-up at Walmart will cost.

What does a tune-up cost at Walmart?

The question arise here does Walmart do tune ups? Yes! At Walmart, you can get several different services for your car, so the price* will be determined by your needs.

An inexpensive tune-up may cost as little as $40-$150 or more, which includes the replacement of spark plugs and inspection of the spark plug wires.

The price of a standard tune-up typically ranges from $200 to $800, including spark plugs, wires, distributor caps, rotors, fuel filters, PVC valves, and air filters. You will always save money if you buy parts directly from Walmart if you need them.

An auto tune-up includes what all?

It includes cleaning or replacing spark plugs, the distributor cap, and, on older cars, the rotor. As part of a regular procedure, you may also have to replace the fuel filter, oxygen sensor, PCV valve, and spark plug wires.

It may not be necessary to change your platinum spark plugs as often if your vehicle has platinum spark plugs.


Is it necessary to do tune-ups?

Tuning up your vehicle is a crucial part of maintaining it properly and should not be overlooked. According to your car’s owner’s manual, there are certain maintenance intervals you should follow. In a tune-up, spark plugs, and spark plug wires are replaced as part of a major service.

What is the price of changing tires at Walmart?

Although Walmart charges a low installation fee of $12 per tire, the package still places third. In comparison, its top rivals offer more generous deals.

A lifetime balance, rotation, and mounting after every 7,500 miles, along with a lug re-torque after 50 miles, are included.

What is the price of changing a battery at Walmart?

If you purchased the battery at Walmart, installation is free. Otherwise, it will cost you $10.Each battery will cost $3.50 for corrosion treatment.

How much does it cost to change the oil or lubricant at Walmart?

At Walmart, you can choose an oil change based on your needs and fees.

  • Pit Crew Oil Change includes new oil filters, Quaker State® Advanced Durability conventional motor oil, chassis lubrication, tire pressure checks, and Quaker State® Advanced Durability conventional motor oil and costs $19.88. Except for the oil type, all other options also include services.
  • With the Standard Oil Change, you’ll receive a conventional oil change, and it will cost you $29.88.
  • For vehicles with high mileage, the price of changing the oil is $39.88. If your car has accumulated more than 75.000 miles, we recommend this service.
  • With the Power and Performance Oil change, you will receive synthetic motor oil for $49.88.

Does Walmart require an appointment for oil changes?


An oil change at Walmart does not require an appointment, whoever shows up first gets served. Depending on whether you would like to do specific maintenance on your vehicle or if your vehicle uses a filter that is not common, you might be able to have your oil changed for a longer period at Walmart.

For more information also checkout this site.

Do spark plugs cost how much to replace?

Depending on what brand you choose and what vehicle you have, new spark plugs vary in price.

Depending on where the mechanic shop is located, you will have to spend anywhere between $52 and $100 on tools and anywhere between $60 and $360 on labor to replace a spark plug.

When should I get my car tuned up?

Tuning up your vehicle every 10,000-12,000 miles or once a year if it doesn’t have an electronic ignition is recommended.

 The engine of a new car with electronic ignition and fuel injection can run from 25,000 to 100,000 miles before it needs a major tune-up.

 Tune-ups typically take how long?

Tune-ups can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the vehicle and the service required. Modern vehicles with more electronic components tend to require less adjustment time than older vehicles with more mechanical components.

Walmart’s complimentary tune-up services cost

  • Chassis lubrication: $4.50
  • Installation of the headlights: $7.50
  • Restoration of the headlights: $29.88
  • Cleaning of the fuel system: $20
  • Installation of engine filters is free
  • Installation of cabin filters: $10 per
  • Installation of wiper blades: $10 per
  • Changing the oil and cleaning the fuel system: $40
  • Cleaning of the fuel system and high mileage oil change: $50

This list of prices was compiled from Walmart’s data. There may be differences from one location to another and they may change in the future.