The 10 Best Android Money Apps In 2022

There’s a fierce debate right now over whether Android or iOS is the better platform. On the one hand, iOS “just works”; it does everything you need it to out of the box, and no customization is needed.

On the other hand, however, Android is an infinitely more customizable platform, and with recent updates, it’s achieving parity with iOS in terms of out-of-the-box functionality as well.

If you’re one of the people for whom Android just edges it in the contest, you’ll be pleased to know there are a wealth (no pun intended) of finance apps out there for Android as well. Here are the 10 best Android finance apps in 2022.

1. Emma

There’s pretty much nothing that Emma can’t do when it comes to your personal finances. Looking to manage the quick loans you’ve taken out? Emma can do that for you.

Want to know where the best place is to invest your cryptocurrency? That’s in Emma’s remit as well. Once you’ve downloaded Emma, it’s unlikely you’re going to want or need another finance app in your life; it has a surprisingly clean interface for the number of features it offers.

2. Plum

Another great finance app for Android, Plum will track all of your personal finance statistics, and it will also take money that you’re spending and put it into an investment account that generates interest for you.

The downside is that the amount of interest generated by Plum is dependent on how much you’re paying for your subscription, but there is a free tier, so no matter whether you want to pay for Plum or not, it’ll work for you in some regard.

3. Money Dashboard Neon

Once, Money Dashboard ruled the roost when it came to Android finance apps. Now, there are plenty of other options available, so Money Dashboard Neon is just one of many, but it’s still a great option if you want to manage your finances in a clean, unfussy way.

Money Dashboard Neon is a very no-nonsense app; it offers bill tracking, subscription management, and financial planning, and it’s very straightforward about those things as well.

4. Honeydue

Financial management is critical if you’re living with your partner, and Honeydue aims to make that process just a little less grueling.

If you’ve ever argued with your partner (or housemate) about finances, then you need Honeydue in your life; it’ll help you keep track of shared accounts and spending, chat to each other within the app about financial decisions, and generally live a healthier and more communicative financial life with your partner.


5. Snoop

Snoop offers all the usual functionality that you’d expect from a financial management app, but it has one secret weapon built into it, and that’s the titular Snoops.

Each day, Snoop will show you some bargains on things you’re spending on. It might tell you where you can get a better internet deal, for instance, or it might show you where you can save on a subscription.

If you’re someone who’s constantly hunting for the next bargain, Snoop is very much for you.

6. Fudget

Here’s an app for people who really don’t like the idea of sharing their banking details with app developers. Fudget doesn’t ask for your bank account number; instead, it lets you input all of the values manually and makes spending suggestions based on what you’ve told it.

Naturally, this has its advantages and disadvantages, but Fudget will really work for you if you’re someone who likes to keep control and doesn’t like to hand out information on the regular.

7. Spendee

What Honeydue is to couples, Spendee is to housemates or families. It doesn’t only offer to track shared households, but that’s one of Spendee’s most interesting and unique features, so that’s what’s earned it a place on this list.

You can track spending across multiple members of your household, so you’ll always know who owes what and when. This can be especially useful in situations where you don’t often speak to your housemates or flatmates.

8. Cleo

Note that Cleo is not available if you’re not in the US, so you can only download this one in that country. Still, if you are a US Android user and you’re looking for a great financial planning app, Cleo is definitely one to consider.

It has a rather sassy chatbot that’s always fun to talk to, taking the sting out of some of the more questionable financial decisions you might make (no judgments here), and it also comes with the usual suite of budget planning tools.

9. Moneyhub

You really are spoilt for choice if you want a great financial planning app in 2022. Moneyhub is yet another simple, easy-to-use money management platform that you can use to track your spending and get insights into how you’re using your money.

At the time of writing, Moneyhub is offering a six-month Premium free trial that gives you access to even more features, so it’s worth considering if you like the look of the app and want to use it as your daily driver.

10. Personal Capital

Last but not least, we have Personal Capital, which is great if you’re the kind of person who likes to plan your finances over the long term.

It lets you manage your money, plan for your retirement, and figure out your portfolio fees, and while it might not have quite as powerful a budget planning set up as some of the other apps on this list, it more than makes up for it with other intriguing features. Personal Capital also allows you to track your overall net worth.