The Best Tissot Watch to Buy for First-timer

The Tissot company goes by the slogan, Innovators by Tradition. It was founded in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1853 by locally born father and son-duo, Comptoir Charles-Félicien Tissot Charles-Émile Tissot.

 Tissot started as an assembler of watch parts from individual makers in the region. 

Through the years, Tissot has earned many notable awards and prizes in several industrial exhibitions.

 It is a luxury watch of established quality and reliability ever since its founding. Choosing from a variety of Tissot collections can be overwhelming. Below is a guide that will introduce Tissot and help you find the best Tissot watch for you. 

Is Tissot worth buying?

Tissot is worth every penny. These watches boast years of exquisite craftsmanship and innovation.

 A Tissot watch is subjected to tests for resistance to impact, pressure, and water to ensure quality. Tissot is also COSC-certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. 

Looking closer, you can see how much detail is put in every watch. It is even the first to launch a tactile watch. There is a watch for everyone. Here are other reasons why Tissot is a good buy.


Tissot Classic was given the first company logo. It had been part of Tissot’s horological history.

Tissot has placed its name on the world’s first suspension bridge with T-classic. T-classics are simple yet elegant. These watches are run by quartz, automatic and manual winding. 

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T-Sport collection is part of the Sports culture. T-Sport is of luxury mechanical construction paired with its contemporary and trendy style.

T-Sport has been the official timekeeper of the NBA and has been present in racing,ice-hockey, and other sports.



Tissot has been in various partnerships with whom it has an allegiance to tradition, as well as innovation.

Currently, thirty-one watches make up the Tissot Heritage arsenal among them are the Tissot 1973 and Tissot Heritage Porto Mechanical. 


It is the first touch-screen watch running on solar energy with 25 features such as weather forecasting, an altimeter, a second-time zone, and a compass. Among its notable models is the T-Touch Expert Solar. 


T-Pocket is a novelty timepiece and is well appreciated for its fine craftsmanship. It is mostly mechanical. T-pocket is powered by a durable mainspring through the gear train and escapement. 


T-Gold started as a way to add an expensive look to the Tissot collection but its newest designs have gold more as a quality metal.

The best T-Gold watch is slim and sophisticated with a thickness of only 5.9mm. Tissot uses 18 K gold.


T-Ladies started as highly decorated pendant-watches left on a chain or ribbon around the neck. In the following centuries, Tissot included stylish women as its best customers and had plenty of styles that spoke of modern women. 


Tissot T-Trend timepiece is a testament to the blending of attention to detail, top-notch technology, and accurate timing.

T-trend boasts its gorgeous looks, impeccable sheen finish, high-level features, a power reserve of up to 80 hours


Affordable Luxury

Tissot is of rich history and notable contributions to the watchmaking industry. Ideally, Tissot watches price should increase with brand reputation.

In contrary, Tissot prices range from $ 220.00 to $2,400.00 up to $6,009.00

Brand president Francois Thiebaud says Tissot creates qualitative watches that could be enjoyed by everyone. You can now own a timepiece that is beautifully crafted without breaking your account.


Tissot uses sapphire crystals for its anti-scratch prowess, high resistance to impact, superior screen, and hand readability. These crystals can be concave flat, domed, or ground to give the watch a different look.

Ceramic is a hard substance well suited to the external parts of a watch. It keeps scratches and damage by the impact on the outside. Ceramics keep their luster for a long time and are hypoallergenic. 

Tissot also uses KP-certified diamonds. Dials especially in Lady’s watches are made of Mother of pearl material.

   Other Features

A Tissot watch has a water resistance to a pressure of 3 bar (30m/100ft), 5 bar (50m/165ft), 10 bar (100m/330ft), 20 bar (200m/660ft) or 30 bar (300m/1000ft), depending on the model.

Superluminova is a non-radioactive and non-toxic strontium aluminate that stores daylight and reflects it in the dark. 

Superluminova is placed on the dials and hands to ensure visibility at all conditions. Tissot also advocates green energy. It has tiny solar sensors located on the dial that captures light. 

The accumulated light is converted into energy to power the quartz. Solar power enables watches to function for several months without recharging.

A Time-teller

Tissot watches go beyond telling time. It has a story to tell. Tissot has been part of history and is still impacting the present.

This brand echoes the wearer’s lifestyle and personality. Rest assured, Tissot watches are worth every penny. Each model is made to be accurate, reliable, trendy, and stylish.