The Best Video Streaming Services for 2021

Best video Streaming Services has become a new reality. The entertainers merely explored a new possibility at the start; but with the growing demand due to lockdowns, they utilized these services as a full-fledged touchpoint to serve content to their audience.

Technologically advanced interventions like 4K, 8K formats, and 4G, 5G connectivity enhancements have further contributed to the nurturing of these streaming services.

In addition to the technological support, the situations prevalent around have created the right conditions for the video streaming services’ market to bloom.

According to Market Watch, the global video streaming software market will witness a growth of USD 6-7 bn approx. by 2023. Consequently, the video streaming market may become a clamored space in the coming times.

If you want to know which live streaming services have scored a sizeable market share till now, here is the list.

Best video Streaming

Video Streaming Services worth watching for 2021

Here are some of the online video streaming services that arrived earlier and proved their leadership in this space:

a.      Netflix

It has become the first choice of viewers worldwide. Those who want to go cable-free see Netflix as one of the most engaging live streaming services that offer high-class original content from various genres.

With an impressive line-up of web series or Netflix originals announced for 2021, this platform is sure to grow the audience size in the following few years. When searching for some old classics, you can stop here for your all-time favorites.

Best video Streaming

b.      YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the most established live streaming services that have grown to become the marketers’ chosen spot too.

It has more than 80 channels that are dedicated to serving live content to the consumers.

Not only the music and movies, but the channels also offer educational, games, and marketing genres’ content too. So, it has become a one-stop infotainment solution quite likely to grow phenomenally in 2021.

online video streaming services

c.       Apple TV+

While talking about online video streaming services,the Apple TV+ has contributed to the development of a niche market in the original content providers’ space.

Apple device users can stream original content using this cord-less service. It has expanded its reach through Roku, Fire TV, and other solutions giving a fine taste of online live streaming to Apple’s audience.

d.      Hulu TV Live Plus

The consumers get access to Hulu streaming library along with about 65 channels. This library provides them high-quality, original content wherever and whenever they want.

It is one of the online video streaming services that have emphasized the quality of content.

It is reflected in the library adorned mostly with award-winning series. Apart from this, the platform partners with numerous content creators to deliver multiple genres for people with varying affinities.

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e.      HBO Max

HBO has always been the best entertainment provider since the cable TV days.

This platform showcases all the HBO content you have been a fan of. Apart from the HBO and HBO Original’s movies, web series, etc., this online video streaming service has partnered with DC Comics and Warner Bros Studios. By keeping its basket filled with classics and all-time highest entertainers, the users can switch back to their old favorites anytime.

You can also download content on a mobile device for offline viewing. However, the absence of 4K formats may dishearten some of its users.

f.        Amazon Prime Video

A perfect entertainer for the people, this streaming service is usable as an Android App, just like Netflix and several others.

Amazon and Prime Video, by putting their strengths together, have done a phenomenal bit to help viewers expand their repertoire of movies, TV programs, web series, games, and much more.

The users can pick any genre of their choice and satiate their entertainment needs in the time, place, and device of their liking. With a huge line-up of programs announced recently, and with a facility to download content, this video streaming platform caters to the audience both online and offline.

g.       Hotstar Disney

Hotstar Disney claims to be the richest in the repertoire of content it has for the consumers. After partnering with Disney Entertainment, Hotstar expanded its viewable collection manifold.

A harbor for all the STAR TV network programs, this platform brings Disney’s latest cartoon movies and old classics too. Many of the Star TV Network’s shows can be streamed live here.

Wrapping up

Apart from these top-notch entertainment content providers, you can find their various competitors following the suit.

CBS Access, Eros Now, Sony Liv, Voot, Zee5 are some of the online streaming platforms that have made their presence felt with a plethora of programs and movies.

Some of the video streamers are doing great while catering to regional audiences as well.

From here, space is going to become more specialized where streaming services will become the exhibition partners for a single genre. For example, Philo (lifestyle and entertainment content specialist), Fubo TV (broadcasting sports programs only), etc. are some names that can bring more target content for the entertainment consumers.