The Elusive Crypto Criminal

(Elusive Crypto Criminal) It is safe to say that most criminals aim to be elusive and maintain their elusiveness as long as possible or at least for the duration of their criminally inclined career.

Cybercriminals nowadays have never had a better platform and more advanced tools in their crooked toolbox. Let’s explore this elusive platform for cyber-criminal activity with its respective malicious tools.

With a plethora of ever-advancing and evolving malware being designed and released on an ongoing basis, the best first step in avoiding these elusive relentless web criminals is downloading a trial version and eventually purchasing an anti-malware client.

Additional cyber security measures such as firewalls right on your home router or office router will already detect suspicious “packets” or network activity and drop those packets before they reach your devices.

Packets & Ports

Packets in the world of networking and cyberspace are parts of a more extensive data message. The data breaks down into packets to enable faster and more reliable communication.

Cybercriminals can use these packets as a crime tool. Packets have a destination port, meaning at the entry point on the destination network.

Cybercriminals try to exploit specific ports to break into networks and enter in an unauthorized unwelcomed way.

Tools & Packets

The digital packet compares to tools such as crowbars, slim jims, lock picks, master keys, screwdrivers, and hammers that burglars use to commit break & enter crimes.

Doors & Ports

Unsecured doors and windows with a poor alarm system to no alarm system are analogous with vulnerable network ports or network ports that should not have been open in the first place for any traffic.


Elusive Crypto Criminal

It is quite the task for investigators to get to the shark running the show; often, there is quite a long reporting chain and criminals delegating to other criminals creating a confusing maze to navigate.

The proxy method used for more traditional physical crimes involves much more work and resources, and the sheer training needed for a proxy rookie to work the field is very costly indeed.

The proxy’s digital counterpart, also known as a VPN or Virtual Private Network, is not susceptible to human error and can be attained quickly and at a meager cost thus easily serving the ambitious crypto criminal.


The encryption element facilitates the elusive aspect of a cybercriminal’s activity. The criminal can scramble all communications with other criminals, making it nearly impossible for authorities to intercept and gather the needed intelligence.

The crypto element is very also relevant to the elusive crypto coin payment methods requested by cybercriminals. For this reason, Elusive Crypto Criminal is a very accurate title.

Burglars & Hackers

Simply put, a crime such as a burglary can quickly leave the tiniest of fragments of physical evidence such as hairs, fibers from clothes, and carpeting, so being and staying elusive is a much greater challenge.

For the digital, virtual, yet real criminal, leaving trace level fragments of physical evidence is not significant and an impossibility.

Digital packets and ports are purely digital constructs that require digital forensic experts to help with such investigations. With packets, ports, proxies, encryption, and impersonation, the cyber realm is simply the ultimate oasis for ambitious cyber criminals and cybercriminal organizations.