From Super Mario to COD, we all grew up!
The dimension of online gaming has changed a lot in the last decade, and it is still changing.
Now, we have Artificial Intelligence & augmented reality which is uplifting our gaming

Now, it is not a game anymore; it is a whole reality that we can simply transfer from time to
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Do you want to know how the online gaming experience revolutionized from the first online
game to now, when online gaming is now a household name?

The gaming industry is anyway growing at a rapid pace; with professional gamers being an
actual profession now, there is no denying that it is becoming a pioneer part of the economy

Arcade Gaming

We all have fond memories of arcade gabions, whether it is a vending machine, basketball,
pinball, or even asteroids. The whole gaming experience started with them.

Endless hours in the arcade with those tokens and then winning the jackpot, this was a day of fun
for us. Did you know that Sega and Taito were the companies who pitched the idea of arcade
games first?

Arcade games are generally electronic games that follow certain mechanics. Two of the first
such mechanical games are Crown Special Soccer & Periscope.

The company Atari was the pioneer name behind large-scale gaming companies and in the year
1973, they sold their first electronic video game called Pong.

Multiplayer Gaming

Then came multiplayer gaming, which meant that more than one person could enjoy a single
game. This automatically increased the competitive nature of a gaming experience.

The competition became even more serious when these video games started coming with

Most of these games were electronic and played with two or more consoles. First, a gaming
device had to be set up where cassettes were inserted. Then with the advent of computers in
many households, people started playing them on the computer screen.

Online Gaming

Online gaming itself is a fairly new concept, and it has emerged after social media blasted as a
prodigy of the internet. Gone are the days when you were sitting home alone with your gaming
console, and there was no one else to join you.

With an online gaming system, you can play with multiple players all around the world. These
were achieved through gaming networks which you have to download or buy, and within the
installation, your computer will connect with the joint network.

Online Gaming

The internet is the biggest factor that helped this gaming revolution. Did you know that online
gaming started in the year 2000, but it took some time to be mainstream?
This is a great way of socializing, and during the pandemic, it has become a solace for most of

VR & AR Gaming

VR and AR gaming is the future of the gaming industry. The gaming experience did not limit to
the four walls of our home; it has expanded to different realities which we can experience all

The last statistics counted for the VR and AR game is $11.0 billion by the year 2026. So
technology has been a driving factor for this gaming experience.

This gives you a vibrant experience with realistic imagery and storyline, and the best part is you see it unraveling in front of you and not just on a screen.

Through wearable technologies like VR headsets can immediately transfer you to a different


This is the future of gaming, and moreover, gaming is a profession for some people. Gone are the
days when people could tell you that gaming actually meant wasting your time. Now, pro gamers
are out and about running the industry and earning millions for winning.

These Esports tournaments are becoming an annual event in some countries where pro gamers
are invited to compete against each other on a national scale.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has become a new recreation for this generation. Now, we can download endless
games from the internet and enjoy them anywhere. However, some of these games do perform
online, so you might need an internet connection.

But, there are games that can be played offline once you have downloaded them. In addition,
mobile phones can also support certain online games, which can be played by multiple players
who are connected to that server?

Final Note

When we talk about the evolution of gaming, we cannot help but admire the wonders of the
internet. Online gaming only has been possible with the aid of the internet.

We have been able to exp[eirnce things which aren’t here, and at the same time connect with our gamer friends without leaving the house.