Top 5 prostitute movies to watch in 2021

Prostitution movies are one of a unique category in the film industry.

They represent a very complex profession some are forced to resort to, with really gripping characters and emotional backstories, they make us watch until the end.  

In this piece of information, we will be discussing the top 5 prostitute movies of all time.

Without wasting any time, let the countdown begin.

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Top 5 prostitute movies to watch in 2021

1)    Young and beautiful

Young and beautiful is an erotic drama that tells us the story of Isabelle.

A teenage prostitute who begins her work after she decides to lose her virginity to a German tourist named Felix.

However, she is left unsatisfied with her first sexual experience and begins working as a prostitute at high-class hotels using the working name Lea.

Among her numerous clients, she finds a 63-year-old man named George, whom she likes.

All of a sudden during a sexual encounter he dies of a heart attack, and from here onwards her life takes an unexpected turn.

This one is definitely worth a watch if you want to explore the different facets of young sexuality represented unfilled.

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2)    Klute

Klute is a new at war crime thrilling movie that stars a high-priced prostitute who assisted a detective in solving a missing person’s case.

Klute is like any other prostitute movies as it portrays the character’s different personal struggles uniquely.

It hit the mark as it was a commercial success worldwide, grossing 12 million dollars at the time.

An academy award was won by James Fonda for her excellent portrayal as prostitute Bree Daniels.

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3)    Taxi driver

After befriending an underage pimp a lonely taxi driver called Travis pickle formulates a plan to assimilate her presidential candidate along with others we believe should die.

Robert De Nero had major success with the party belated by “Godfather part 2” he was still widely unknown.

This helped him when he became a taxi driver to prepare for the roll

The movie was rated 8.3 out of the scale of 10 on and received a Meta score of 94 on

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4)    Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is a classic prostitute movies starring A-list actors, such as Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

It tells us the story of a fortunate Hollywood prostitute Vivian Ward.

The prostitute is hired by Edward Lewis who requests her to be his escort for business and social situations.

However, their relation will soon take a dramatic turn.

It’s kind of funny as this movie was originally intended to be a cautionary tale against prostitution but ended up being conceived as a Romantic comedy with a large budget.

At the time movie saw the highest number of ticket sales in the US for a romantic comedy movie.

The movie received mixed reviews, however, Roberts was lucky to receive a Golden Globe award and a nomination for best actress for her outstanding performance.

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5)    Requiem for a dream

Jared Leto took the method of acting to the next level.

When he lost 25 pounds and befriended real heroine junkies from the streets of Brooklyn to prepare for his role in requiem for a dream.

 The film depicts a lot about the lives of drug addicts, it reflects the dark sides and mental states of being affected after years of abuse, resulting in a downward spiral towards disaster.