Top 7 Video Game Soundtracks Of All Time

Video games are never going to get old. In fact, as days are passing, they are generating more and more hype among the players, inspiring a whole new generation to play these games.

But why are they so famous?

  • Is it because of the storyline?
  • Is it because of the technology?
  • Or is it because of the features?

Well, it’s because of all of them, and there’s one more.

Video games have amazing soundtracks that people fall in love with because they get them in the mood to continue their journey in the game. 

Today, we will talk about 7 such video games that have timeless soundtracks. If you want to play these games, you can download them from thepirateproxybay

1: Ico-Michiru Oshima

This Japanese action-adventure game has been a fan favorite because of how emotionally resonant the narrative is, but the soundtrack of this game has carved a special place in our hearts.

If video games are considered art, ICO is reigning at the top.

The soundtrack called ‘You Were There’ is restrained in some aspects, but it is still so soothing to the ears, and we can’t help but rank it at the top.

2: Final Fantasy VI-Nobuo Uematsu 

This video game has been praised for its amazing soundtrack a million times, and we are here to join the league.

The instrumental soundtrack of ‘Omen’ is at the heart of the game’s saga of love, technology, and conflict.

When this game was not so developed, the music gave us what we sought, and it still serves the purpose!

3: Minecraft-C418

It’s true that Minecraft does not need an amazing soundtrack to be popular, but you have to admit that it’s a perk.

But, some of the songs composed by C418 resonate well with the building adventures, and ‘Subwoofer Lullaby’ has done a great job at capturing the audience’s attention.

The experience of this adventure game was made a little bit more special with this classic musical addition.

4: The Last of Us-Gustavo Santaolalla

This gaming masterpiece is double trouble because players can’t help but indulge in the beautiful storyline the game weaves around them, and they also get lost in the haunting soundtrack.

In fact, it is so haunting that the percussions, guitar, and cello all sound alike!

‘Forgotten Memories’ is the best song we think is on this soundtrack. Let us know what you think!

5: Silent Hill 2-Akira Yamaoka

Akira Yamaoka has done a great job in preparing the soundtrack, and the ‘Theme of Laura’ is so compact that it almost kills us.

Even if the game’s exterior might have appeared unsettling at first, the music clearly reflects that sense of inner disturbance.

So, if we have to bet our money, Silent Hill 2 wins it all!

6: Demon’s Souls-Shunsuke Kida

This video game has a soundtrack that others on this list have failed to achieve.

It is hauntingly beautiful, yet it matches the storyline so well. 

Once you understand the magnitude of the player’s quest, you will find the soundtrack perfect. In fact, the song called ‘One Who Craves Souls’ is one of the best ones on that whole album, and we often listen to it to get motivated.

7: DOOM-Mick Gordon

Mick Gordon has paired the Theme Song of Doom correctly with the game’s narrative because they are absolutely perfect for each other.

The subtlety of the grunge music rooted in the song tells us all about how this game will be—Bold, Revolutionary, and Powerful.

Not only the theme song but the entire soundtrack helps us reminisce about 90’s industrial rock music bands, and it sounds like a homage.

The music is downright epic, and it reflects the emotions of the eerie, violent, and ominous scenes just right.

Play And Listen!

No, you cannot play these games by keeping the soundtrack mute because that spoils half the fun.

How will you get the motivation to go on a quest and complete your mission if these beautiful songs don’t ring in your ears?

You won’t get it, and we know that.

This is why we have made the list of the 7 best video games with the best soundtracks so that you can choose the games and your next playlist all at once.

So have fun playing and let us know how you’ve liked them.