Top Low-Impact Exercises

One thing that deters lots of people from exercise is the aches and pains that arise from such. Whether someone is prone to bad knees or bad hips, they don’t want to do anything to aggravate their joints and cause injury.

Despite this, not all exercises are harsh on your joints and there are plenty of exercises to keep you moving without overworking your muscles.

If you have weak joints, you shouldn’t write off exercise; instead, consider incorporating these low-impact movements into your routine.

Hip Crossovers

Hip crossovers are a huge feature of golf gym workouts as golfers need to ensure their hips are well exercised for their backswings.

Golf itself is a low-impact sport and requires more precision and strength than copious amounts of cardio. Not only do hip crossovers improve the mobility of the hips, but they’re also essential to the flexibility of the lower back.

In order to successfully execute hip crossovers, you should lie on the floor with your legs spread slightly more than shoulder-width apart and bend your knees.

Your heels should remain on the floor whilst your arms are stretched out at your side. Then, twist your legs so that your knees touch the floor and repeat this motion.


Squats allow you to build muscle in your legs and glutes without suffering through the harsh impact that running or jumping has on your joints.

Since your feet are planted firmly on the ground during squats, your body is not subjected to a load of pressure.

To effectively perform a squat, you should stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your arms down by your side.

Next, you should squat down and ensure that your chest is up, glutes are back, and knees are out. You should then stand and continue to repeat this action.



Lunges are another method of strengthening your legs and glutes in a gentle manner. Once again, you’re not required to jump or run with this exercise meaning that your joints won’t suffer.

For the successful execution of a lunge, you should assume a neutral position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be facing forward for the duration of the exercise as you bend one knee forwards.

As you do this, your back should always remain upright. Each time you repeat this action, make sure that you change knees.


Low-Impact Star Jumps

Traditional star jumps can be really painful for people who suffer from bad knees or hips, and low-impact star jumps are a great alternative.

This allows you to raise your heart rate and get your muscles moving without putting your joints under intense strain.

Whenever your arms are above your head, your heart rate increases, making it a great option for burning calories and optimizing fitness.

In order to effectively perform low-impact star jumps, you should begin with your arms down by your sides.

Then, as you step your right foot out, you should bring your arms above your head, keeping the weight in your right foot as you do so.

After this, you should return to your original position and repeat the action on your left side. You should continue to do this a few times.


Skaters are another exercise that allows you to get your heart rate up as they require you to use your entire body. Therefore, they are also effective in burning calories and building fitness.

In order to successfully execute skaters, you should start in a curtsy position with both legs bent. You should bring your right leg behind you across your body whilst your left arm should remain at your side for balance.

When returning to a standing position, you should push off your left leg and switch arms in the process. You should alternate sides and repeat the movement a handful of times.