Useful Tips For Men On How To Improve Their Sexual Life And Performance

Despite what you may think, women tend to get the most attention when it comes to improving their sex life, performance, and overall gratification.

Women are often the target of informational pieces which teach them how to love themselves and increase their sexual satisfaction by using toys or telling their partners how they want to be sexually satisfied.

This is fantastic as everyone should be sexually liberated and be free to explore the boundaries of what they personally enjoy. Nevertheless, many men suffer from poor sexual performance but do not know where to turn for help without fear of ridicule or the stigma attached to men and sexuality.

This post will go over some ways that men can explore their sexuality and boost performance and satisfaction as a result.

Why It Is So Vital To Love Yourself (In A Good Way)

The first step is to become at ease with your own body. This isn’t to say that you need to be an overconfident cocky so and so (in fact, this often indicates more profound insecurity), but rather to accept yourself as who you are and what you have.

However, many men suffer from body image issues just like women, ranging from not being muscular enough to the size of their penis. Unconfident men perform poorly in bed, which exacerbates the situation and creates a snowball effect. 

The first step to loving yourself is to look in the mirror and examine your body. Embrace the imperfections and perfections you have been blessed with, and accept what you have.

You can look at it as a form of meditation, and if you perform it regularly enough, you will begin to love yourself more and become a more compassionate and confident lover.

Check If You Have A Medical Condition

Due to the fact that most men are afraid of what it really is, erectile dysfunction is one of those conditions that can fly under the radar.

However, it is worthwhile visiting your doctor to see if you have this condition and what you can do about it. It tends to come in two varieties:

  1. From a medical condition like diabetes or heart disease.
  2. From psychological conditions like stress and anxiety etc.

You should never be apprehensive about the results because once you have received a diagnosis, you can begin to fix the problem via medication or even toys which leads perfectly to the next point!

Use A Male Sex Toy To Your Advantage!

Sex toys abound, and they aren’t simply vibrators and dildos; men also have a plethora of options to choose from. Moreover, some toys are not gender-specific, and you can use them in all manner of ways, especially if you have a decent imagination!

When people think of a male sex toy, things like a fleshlight or a cock ring. However, there is far more than meets the eye, and men can seven make use of toys for butt play no matter what their sexual preference may be.

For example, if you are in a straight relationship, you could ask your other half to engage in a bit of pegging (Google it) to spice things up.

However, if you are on your own, you can choose any of the enormous range of solo male sex toys available combined with copious amounts of lube. Be sure to practice in an area where it’s ok to get a bit…messy!


Exercise More And Eat Healthier

You often read this in any articles related to sexual performance, but it is for a good reason; it works! The healthier you get, the better you are likely to be in bed.

This stems from improving your blood flow and increasing stamina. Any form of exercise, be it aerobic or anaerobic, will do the trick, as long as you exercise regularly and eat well.

Your nutrition will also play a significant factor in your sexual performance regarding the latter point. However, rather than thinking about foods like oysters and other “libido-boosting” foods, you should focus on vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Some options to consider adding to your diet include:

  • Omega fatty acids: You can find this in most oily fishes, oils, avocados, and nuts. These fatty acids improve heart health and blood flow, which is needed to give yourself a little ‘lift” down there!
  • Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 boosts your nervous system health and improves signals between your brain and penis.
  • Eggs: Aside from being full of lots of good stuff, eggs have long been proven to be beneficial for sexual health.

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Nothing kills your sex life faster and more effectively than stress and anxiety. Thus, you should look for ways to reduce these issues, which will also benefit your health in other ways.

You should stay away from medical options like Diazepam (unless prescribed by your doctor), as these antidepressants have the unfortunate effect of increasing your problems by reducing your sexual desire, among other things. Therefore, you should focus on more holistic ways to mitigate these issues, such as mediation. 

You can regain control over your emotions and focus on the task at hand by meditating. It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels by reducing the negative feelings associated with your issues.

This may be due to your job, family life, or even your own dissatisfaction with your sex life. Mediation can be incredibly beneficial if you give it a try for a few weeks. In addition, combining exercise and proper nutrition might help you rekindle your sexual appetite.

Reduce Your Pornography Consumption

Porn addiction is a real thing and can cause all kinds of mental issues related to sexual performance. From heightening feelings of inadequacy to having unrealistic expectations of your partner, porn can ruin your sex life in a number of ways.

While a small amount is perfectly natural and can even help to stimulate some kinky role play (especially when combined with a male sex toy), too much will damage your ability to perform proficiently in bed.

You can do many things as a man to improve your sex life. These range from simply learning to love yourself and what you have been endowed with to getting experimental with some exciting toys!

However, you go about it, ensure you remain safe and healthy, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!