Ways to Manage Your Staff Effectively

Managing your staff can be one of the most challenging jobs that you can take up. You don’t want to look like you are micromanaging the team but only effectively managing them. When this is the case, you need to find effective ways to manage your team. 

You will have to start to think outside the box often if you want to be effective in this task. Forget the old ideas of having a massive shadow of yourself cast on every staff member you have.

Here are some great ways that you can use to manage your staff effectively. 


The first thing that you need to do to be an effective leader is to maintain communication. Several misunderstandings happen due to inadequate or lack of communication. It will help if you keep your employees in the loop on deadlines, goals, and projects. 

They will be far more effective if they know how much time they have to work on a specific project—the type of project they are handling, etc. If you keep them in the dark on this, they won’t perform well. 

Communication also involves being able to handle conflicts in the workplace. Your instinct may be to avoid the conflict, but that will lead to a hostile environment.

When that happens, productivity may suffer, and communication will break down. 

Use Technology

Another idea that’s only coming up is the idea of using tech to manage your staff. This isn’t about having CCTV cameras everywhere in the workplace. It would help if you were optimistic about how you use tech to manage your employees.

For example, rewarding can be pretty effective when you use the right software to track employee performance. This will ensure that everyone has been rewarded according to their strong performance.

The other thing about tech is that you can easily track jobs from creation to completion on a system using job management software. It is pretty effective when you have several remote workers in your workforce.

You will ensure that everyone does what they have been assigned – without having to lay pressure on deadline day. 

Positive Working Relationships

You need to create the right working relationships in the workplace. For example, get to know the members of your team – each one individually.

You don’t need only to know them on a professional level alone, you should try and get to know them on a personal level too. 

When you have this kind of relationship, you will build a good rapport with them. You will easily track why that particular single mother on your team isn’t performing well.

Maybe one of her kids isn’t doing well – you can then organize a working formula for her to also care for the kid. 

You also won’t be under the misguided idea that a member of your staff may be taking advantage of you. You will present yourself as someone that’s approachable and they can easily talk to you about their problems.

When it’s time for reviews, the staff can also be open about what has been working, for them, and what hasn’t. 

Be Real 

It would help if you were really on how you approach each during your communication and getting to know your people.

 People will quickly tell when it’s all pretense, affecting the inroads you are trying to make. Also, your team needs to know you are human. 

For example, when you need help, never be afraid to ask for it. It will serve you well as a leader if your team knows that you can and aren’t afraid to ask for help.

When they think of you as human, it will be easy for them to relate to you and get to know you.

When they can relate with you, it will be easy for the staff to approach you when issues arise. 

Acknowledge Great Performance

Manage Your Staff

Another part of being authentic is when you acknowledge good performance. Don’t be the kind of boss that only gives feedback when things don’t go the right way.

 It would help if you got to a mindset where you give props when it’s due – without holding back. 

This will encourage the staff and also build their confidence. When that happens, your staff are likely to be more involved in the future.

 It would help if you were the first to encourage creativity – out-of-the-box thinking can be effective in the workplace. 

Ideas can easily flow where they are welcomed and are appreciated. People won’t feel like their creativity has been boxed in because you want things done in a certain way even though the outcome would have been the same. 

Set an Example

As a leader, the entire workforce takes its cue from you. When you have a poor attitude towards some project, then they’ll do the same. The staff needs your guidance, and you need always to set the right example for them. 

This will be pretty crucial if you are to get any of their respect. When you have a professional attitude and are committed, it will trickle down to all staff members. The same applies when you are building relationships in the office. 

Provide Training

As a leader, you need to ensure that every person in your workforce is adequately trained. This should not only the newbies should get training; the veterans should also get adequate training. You should have training as a continuous process throughout the employee’s time there.

In providing regular training, you will ensure that every one of your employees has the necessary skills to deliver to the standard you expect from them.

You don’t also have to provide wholesome training. Speak to your people and find out what kinds of training they’d like to attend and if there’s a way you can assist.

When you have employees seeking education and curricular training, you need to encourage them. The best mode of encouragement you can give is by rewarding them. 

You can effectively manage your staff if you know what to do. The challenges can quickly start when there’s a communication breakdown. Here are some of the ways you can use to manage your staff effectively.