Ways You Can Keep Track Of What’s Going On At Home While You’re Away

(Security Cameras) Are you planning to take a family vacation soon? Or are you going on a business trip for a whole week? Are you concerned about leaving your house unattended?

Do thefts happen quite often in your neighborhood? Leaving your home for a while can make you ask many questions and have uncertainty.

Whether you’re going on a vacation or worried about what your dog will do to the furniture, monitoring your house while you’re away is essential.

There are many gadgets available on the market today that allow you to keep track of your home in your absence. On that note, read on to find out amazing ways to help you keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

Monitor Your Home’s Temperature

One of the most catastrophic things that can happen when you’re away from home is when your pipes freeze.

Therefore, it is mandatory to install a thermostat device at your home before going away. The device enables you to monitor your home’s temperature at any time.

For example, if you leave your home in the wintertime, it is necessary to ensure that it is heated properly to stop pipes from freezing. Additionally, when pipes start bursting, your house may face serious damages that could cost you a great deal of money.

Therefore, keeping track of your home’s temperature is crucial since you will be able to deal with any problem immediately by notifying your landlord or neighbor before it becomes a big issue.

Moreover, a thermostat device will tell you the temperature outside your home as well, which helps you estimate how much heat your home is using.

Install Security Cameras

Nothing gives you peace of mind while you’re away, like watching what’s happening inside your home. In that event, consider investing in security cameras all over your house, or at least, at the entrance gate.

You can easily connect the cameras to your smartphone to monitor what’s happening inside your house. The process is simple; you merely need to link your webcam to an application on your phone.

Once everything is linked properly, you will have access to the cameras from your smartphone directly.

Furthermore, installing a spying camera in your home is a great idea, especially if you leave the kids alone with the babysitter or your elderly parents with a nurse.

With these cameras for spying, you can easily keep an eye on the nanny or nurse and make sure your loved ones are safe and sound. Plus, it is always heartwarming watching how your pet misses you all day, right?

Invest in a Water Sensor

Even though a thermostat device can help track the temperature at your home, some areas, such as the basement, are prone to having water leaks caused by a burst water filter, a leaking boiler, or a defective water valve.

Catching leaks soon can easily stop a simple leak from growing into a flood. Therefore, a water sensor comes in handy to prevent possible damages from occurring. Place the sensor on the floor next to the area you want to monitor.

Make sure you place it at the bottom of a water filter or next to your boiler to detect any leaks easily. If there is a specific area that is likely to have leaks, ensure that the sensor is placed near it.

There are many water sensors available, so make sure you get one that can be linked to an application on your smartphone.

Once the device notifies you of a leaking problem, you can immediately contact your property manager or landlord to save the situation before a crisis happens.

Leave Your Keys to a Trusted Neighbor

Security Cameras

Sometimes it is better to speak to someone on the phone telling you that your house is safe and secure rather than checking a multitude of apps on your phone.

 So, if granting your neighbors access to your home is okay for both of you, this can also be a great way to keep track of your home while you’re away.


Your neighbor can check your electric switches, water faucets, and pipes, or anything else you want to have checked and give you a daily report. Additionally, if you have a garden or plant pots, your neighbor can water them to keep them healthy and alive.

However, if you don’t have close neighbors, ask a family member to check on your house daily on their way to or from work.

Although smart gadgets are great methods to keep an eye on your home, some applications might stop functioning properly. Therefore, having someone nearby to check on your home is a plus.

Take Necessary Precautions Before Leaving

Installing security cameras and monitoring your home’s temperature is not enough to keep your home protected. Before leaving your house, make sure the door is locked properly.

Door locks can suddenly become loose, so don’t leave your home unless you’re positive that your doors are locked securely. Moreover, ensure that your windows are shut from the inside to prevent burglars from breaking into your home while you’re away.

Another way to discourage thieves from entering your home is by using light timers. You can buy timers from a nearby hardware store and install them on your lamps.

When thieves notice that your lights go off and on at random times, they are unlikely to break in.

Whether it is time for your summer vacation or you’re going away on a business trip, ensuring the safety of your house is mandatory. You can invest in a variety of techie gadgets that will help you keep track of your home when you’re not around.

The best thing about these gadgets is that you can simply connect them to your smartphone to help you monitor your house.

If you’re on a budget or don’t like techie stuff, you can always depend on a trusted neighbor, a relative, or a close friend to check on your house regularly to ensure its safety.

Keep the listed tips in mind to help you have peace of mind whenever you’re away from home.