What is CelebJihad? Is it really a spamming website posting nudes?

What is CelebJihad?

CelebJihad is a blog known for publishing leaked personal videos of actors as a form of Islamophobia satire.

The Daily Beast calls it a “satirical” celebrity gossip site. And while that’s true, the nature of the blog makes it anything but laughable.

There are a number of videos on the site that should earn at least a quick “thumbs up,” if not viral spreads.

One video shows a British girl gleefully pouting while narrating that her favorite celebrity is Channing Tatum. (That’s her real name, by the way.) She then shows a picture of Tatum holding the child she was talking about off camera.

Then there’s the other video that has been getting a lot of attention online. It shows what appears to be the guts of an Islamic terrorist trying to recruit other terrorists.

 The woman in the video states that she had dreams of being a terrorist before she ended up with Tom Cruise. Apparently, she spent years trying to get her hands on Cruise’s own DVDs. Apparently, she failed.

Frequency of posting on CeleJihad

According to Trend Hunter, 205 videos were leaked in August (2019) alone and the number is much more in subsequent months.

Videos shared in the recent times include a woman singing wildly in a kilt, naked Italians, a man listening to child porn on his phone, and stopped orgasm videos.

Now, during these times of darkness, many of these videos are shared so that people can troll. They’ll then spread across social media.

In February 2020, Celeb Jihad, since shut down, posted several videos on how to achieve the sexual fantasy every Muslim has and how travel creates stress similar to asbestos fatigue.

How this website takes Photos and Videos?

Its leakers usually take them from their personal phones and then upload them to CelebJihad.
Fortunately, it seems like all of the attention from states to hacking, phishing and voter fraud is closely followed by virus experts from Google and Microsoft.

Earlier this year, both confirmed that every state in the country has somebody posing as a source of malicious software with ties to election fraud.

While the perception that “vote fraud” and “election fraud” is high, the root of the problem lies in voters’ distrust of machines or other polling place personnel. The belief that voting machines are untrustworthy and unreliable which often leads to reports of “hacked” or “altered” votes.

But actually, is “hacked” a technical term? Or is it culprit for “hacking” — identity theft?

Brad Friedman, columnist at Debugger, discusses different aspects of elections for both state and federal elections regarding the whole concept of “hacked” or “altered” votes.


Although it is always a bit easier to examine computerized systems for hacking or fraud, there is another technical aspect worth of conversation. That would be “hacked” or “altered” computer memory contents.

There are usually software tools used both before and after a vote to alter gone memory contents from the election counting machine.
“Physical” Memory

Is this website real?

As this website is totally against human rights, its followers consider this website on “Popular Sites” list as “in Muslim country.”
The Islamic State is literally buying Instagram like a naughty kid — fighting against the Kennedys to get more likes by posting provocative suggests and begging for shares.

The post on Pinterest encourages to tag the user to help the Islamic State get more likes on posts. The IRIB is working hard to survive, with each of the private posting platforms investing 10% of their ad budget to fund the site.

While the term ‘social media’ was not invented so IRIB banned social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. on pain of a ban and lockdown this had no ripple effect on Read This and joked about it.

Most of these people would never dream of cyber-bullying info about themselves, but IRIB uses social media as its main communication platform and while some of the content is comical, the response from followers is serious as seen in the bunch of the responses. The term “brigading” also has a definition in IRIB.

The method used by IRIB is addictive. When you visit another page posted by a fake IRIB account, you are instantly redirected to it but don’t know why since it’s powered by the same software engine as the other IRIB pages.

At first, you’ll go through the feeling of regarding it as a joke like the rest of the internet.

But once you sign into your password-protected IRIB spot, it’s like a door suddenly opened to another world and you can explore it like a carnival ride. IRL spying is included in the jail-breaking process.

How Hackers take photos?


There are a lot of tools and hacks available to bypass the ban or customize the web game.
social media is just another form of entertainment.

But dangerously addictive too.
After a couple of days, you’ll lose sleep or have a headache just thinking about the trending content.

Anyone can rent videos from CelebJihad for $20 / minute. In return, they get the website that publishes the video in its entirety or a shortened version.

You can even pay someone to moderate unfollows, spam reports and such.
The format is quite simple. A high-quality video is saved on the servers of Celeb Jihad and shared on Twitter in such a way that there are too many people to ignore them.


Unfortunately, there is nothing verified or checked on Celeb Jihad’s video files. This partially results in fake videos being shared, and it is not always obvious whether they were actually taken from the proposed video.

Most of the top journalists on Twitter have deleted the links to the original posts on their accounts.

Final Verdict

Everyone must hate on this website. There are also many conspiracy theories being spread on this website. This includes calling The Coca-Cola Company fascist, as promised above.

They also spread the idea that skyscrapers (the New York Times building in Manhattan) is rooted in Freemason symbolism.

Because this organization gathers unpleasant subreddits and big media outlets in its subscribers, it has a bad reputation of trolls and such.

The big media is more direct on Twitter, posting direct links to their articles. Twitter users from religious and spiritual communities immediately report such accusations in the strongest terms.

Some of their subscribers are quite noble and genuinely interested in the truth. Many of the troll subscribers are just having a good time and are unaware the provocation is actually against humanity.

The article database of Jezuslam is quite small with just 200 articles posted since 2012. Therefore, we still can’t formally say they are sarcastic or not.