What is Da checker? why-bulk-da-checker-is-required

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Numerous tools on the internet that are offering bulk DA checking. Bulk DA checker helps you to check DA in multiple quantities for example; you can check up to 50 domains at a time in an online tool.

This tool is helpful for bulk checkers because you don’t need to enter and check the DA of the domain one by one.

If you are working at an agency then it may be a challenging part for you as a link builder.

However, this tool will let you in finding the DA of multiple, and through this; you can save your time and efforts.

All of the online tools for DA checker use the algorithms and factors of MOZ.

However, MOZ itself doesn’t offer bulk checking of DA but other tools may offer.

As we have discussed before, numerous websites are offering free online Bulk DA checker.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most efficient as well as the best bulk DA checkers.

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Best 2 bulk domain authority checker online 2020

1.    ahrefs.com Da checker

ahrefs.com is one of the best online tools that can be used for checking the DA of domains in bulk quantities.

This website is best because it offers the checking of DA for up to 500 URLs at a time. It uses the algorithms and factors of MOZ.

While checking the DA of the domains it uses the factors including the age of the website, quality, and quantity of the backlinks, ‏‏MOZ trust as well as SEO score.

ahrefs.com also offers raw data search through which you can search the DA from raw data of URLs.

One of the key features of this tool is that it allows you to export the data of search domains in an excel file.

You can use this file anywhere and anytime.

Along with the Bulk checker, it also gives you the result for Page Authority, Scam score, IP Address as well as Ranked pages on Google.

2.     Traffic

Trafficora.com is one of another website that is offering bulk DA checker online for free.

It gives you the option of checking the DA score for up to 5 domains at a time. It is a user-friendly website that is usable instantly.

This website also uses the concept of MOZ for its algorithms.


All of the above websites as well as other websites that are offering bulk da checkers use MOZ factors to determine the DA score of a domain.

DA score is mostly used by the one who is purchasing a website or who is getting a backlink.

Bulk DA checker saves your efforts and time because you don’t need to enter the domain one by one.

Most SEO professionals use this to analyze their data.