What Makes a Good Website Design?

(Website design) Designing a good website can be a difficult process. It’s not always easy to create something functional, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time.

There are many things to consider when considering both layout and color scheme; how do you make your website stand out from the competition?

This article will cover some of the best practices for creating a successful website design.

Principles of an Effective Web Design

Seek Out Valid Input

Seeking out feedback from your clients that will help you create a better website design is a vital aspect of the process. How else are you going to know what kind of content would be interesting for your customers?

If they don’t tell you, then you won’t know! That’s why it’s important to ask them questions and get their honest input on what they want from a site design.

Get some focus groups together and start asking questions like “how would you feel about this if you were a potential customer?” or “what are your favorite websites and why?”

This is a great way to get inside your potential customers’ heads so you can come up with something they will love. When you do this, you will get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t work.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

One of the best ways to create a unique and fun website design is by being bold. It’s important to try new things because there are a lot of things that could go wrong.

For example, you could ignore the use of different design collaboration tools, you could forget to include an obvious call to action, or you could get the color selection wrong.

It’s important to be bold when making design decisions, but only if you know how your design will translate to various screen sizes and different browsers. For example, some designs look better in some browsers than others.

Focus on the Content

It’s often easy to get caught up in design and forget that content is king. You don’t have to do any fancy special effects or complicated plugins to be creative and innovative. Just sit down with your clients and brainstorm what the content of your site will be.


Don’t get too caught up in what you can design (especially when it comes to color scheme) when you focus on what you want for the content. If you skip this step, your website could end up being a big pile of ideas that don’t make sense together.

The most amazing website design in the world won’t make any sense if it doesn’t have content that makes sense.

Use Branding Elements

It’s always a good idea to create a website design that incorporates your clients’ branding and identity elements. This will help establish a stronger connection between your client’s target audience and their brand.

It will also help the customer remember them easily when they are trying to find them again online. When you incorporate branding elements on your website, you will create a more professional look that your customers will like.

Avoid Clichés

It’s important to avoid cliches when creating a website design. If it seems like it’s been done before, then it probably has. Websites that use a lot of periodicals and old-fashioned fonts frequently end up being the same thing.


Save yourself the trouble of having a weak design and stay away from cliches. It’s also important to keep your design simple and easy to navigate as well.


Creating a website design that is effective and appealing is difficult, but not impossible. By taking a few steps in the right direction, you should create an effective site design that will convert visitors into customers.

Keep these best practices in mind, and you should create something that people will love.