Who is the Most Ratchet Asian Girl in the World

You may be wondering who is the ratchet Asian girl in the world. Lovely Mimi is a perfect choice. With millions of followers on Instagram, she is a social media sensation. 

When Lovely Mimi was a young girl, her parents brought her to the United States from Vietnam. Because of the war in her country of origin, her family had to flee the country. She was bullied by her classmates and suffered from an abusive father. 

She spent a lot of time in juvenile detention centers in her teenage years. In the end, she decided to drop out of high school. During the year 2010, Mimi was married to Remy Skinner. She is the mother of two children. 

Furthermore, she owns a dog named Jefe as a pet. She once claimed to operate a nail salon in Maryland. It’s no secret that Lovely Mimi is the youngest and least attractive Asian contestant on the show. Keep reading to find out more about the most ratchet Asian girl.

Early life, Education of the Most Ratchet Asian Girl 

Mimi had a tough childhood. When she was a kid, she lived in a Vietnamese refugee camp until her parents escaped. In 2014, her father died after working as a pastor in Vietnam. She has five sisters and a brother. 

But she’s only seen her oldest sister once because she’s still in Vietnam. The family was poor and old-fashioned, and kids for her looks often teased Mimi. Eventually, Mimi rebelled against her parents. 

After starting to drink, she ran away from home and became involved in various criminal activities. It appears she spent more time in juvenile detention centers and group homes than in school. In the end, she decided not to pursue higher education. 

Due to her lack of education, she did not have a lot of employment options to choose from. Due to the difficulties, she faced as an Asian, she bought a nail salon in Capitol Heights, Maryland, and named it “Luong’s Lovely Nails”. 

With social media in mind, Mimi started an Instagram account called “mimilovelynails” where she posted pictures and videos. 

But she wasn’t happy with her progress, so she opened a second account called “itslovelymimi” and posted makeup tutorials and nail art tutorials. Her followers almost doubled after Snoop Dogg and Da Brat shared her “But Why Mimi” video.


A blog about her called Mimi “the ratchet Asian girl” because she has a great sense of humor. That helped a lot since “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” wanted her on the show because of her “ratchet” side. The show shoots in Atlanta, so Mimi decided to move there. 

When Mimi moved to Atlanta, she bought a nail salon with employees already in place, and named it “UltraViolet Nail Lounge”. On March 27, 2017, she made her first appearance on the same show. 

Mimi didn’t make her decision that easily, even though it might seem like she’s thrilled that she’s in a reality show. Having a husband and two kids, she didn’t want to look bad on screen. She knew the show would be intense and crazy. 

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It boosted her career, however, and she became a celebrity who led a double life as an instigator, a mother, and a nail salon owner. She now owns five salons in Atlanta and has a reputation for being one of the best. 

Most Ratchet Asian Girl

Social media presence 

She knows how crucial social media platforms are, so she uses them to advertise her nail salons. First, I would like to mention her Instagram account, which has more than 7,000 posts and 2.6 million followers. 

While she joined Twitter in February 2016, it’s not her most popular account. It is estimated that she has about 8,400 followers and about 500 tweets on her account. It is estimated that 120,000 people follow her page on Facebook. 

She got her fame from YouTube, the account that made her what she is today. Combined, she’s got more than 600,000 subscribers and nearly 60 million views on her 300+ videos.