While the importance and credibility of the orthodox usage of the medicines (drug) in the healing and treatment of disease varieties cannot be fully overemphasized.

There have been so many calls and debates on why the need for such substances at all when there might be a platform that could reduce disease influence on our society.

In fact, the need for exercise by each citizen has always been the priority and template at which government of any country has always advocate their citizen because a healthy citizen, with an outright fitness, either mentally, physically, or socially constitute greatly to each country economic development

However, exercise is not a tool that majorly heals the patient as the drugs will do, but the importance of exercise in the prevention of some diseases and how well it aids the body fully function at it is enough to prove to advocate the importance, of course, of the constant exercise to the metabolic function of the body

More so, exercise is not just about when you as a person decided to run at high speed for more than 30 or one hour but it can involve series of moves that set the body in tone to build their alertness for all mechanical functions the ensures that the body functions at its absolute best.

Conversely, like an exercise, the use of the drugs is imperative to sound healing because it is the only tool that could aid the perfect work of medical practitioners to fruition – because, with drugs either as pills, liquid or injection, there is no way the doctors or other medical practitioner can fulfill their obligations.


More so, drugs is a substance that aid the body to function to equally function at it’s best like exercise but the drugs can only do so but altering one function or augmenting another to bring about it effect in the system.

For example, angiotensin-converting enzymes inhibitors are a class of drugs primarily used to treat high blood pressure to which such drug on the angiotensin-converting enzymes which serves basic enzymes that aid the regulation of body fluid when it acts on the kidney to facilitate or restricts urination

The enzymes work by converting angiotensin I to a more potent vasoconstrictor’s angiotensin II which narrows the vessel in the body and it thus directly contribute to the high blood pressure increments but it helps the body to regulate different functions that make the body whole

From urine output regulation to some electrolyte regulation among many other functions that this enzyme performs to sustain the body system, but orthodox drugs halt the function of these enzymes to bring about their effect of lowering the blood pressure

Thus the drug can be classified as a healing poison that helps the body but slowly kills the body by the virtue of other functions they perform. More so, that is one of the reasons why any drugs at all always come with series of side effects.

On the contrary, the use of exercise unlike drugs stimulates the system, while it creates a window for the body to produce some chemical substance rather than bringing some foreign substance to the body.  More so, the brain produces beta-endorphins when the body exercise for more than 30 minutes

In fact, the better endorphins produced by the brain after exercise aids and n stimulating the brain to better effect in cognitive function, high-level thinking ability, as it also creates an aura utopia, without having extra side effects, unlike the drugs counterparts.


Moreover, as many would have loved the impact of exercise to be great in having a sound health, credible and functioning system, the impact of exercise is potentiated with having the right diet.

Having the right diet can equally complement the essence of exercise. Even the likes Tom Brady can testify to the essence of diet and exercise while he helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneer scoop the Super Bowl despite going against the Kansas City Chief who has the best NFL odds and picks for finals in their favor.

Though, with his age, the aging quarterback still looks fresh and healthy in respect to the life he lived while he constantly venture into exercise.

In fact, a survey found that exercise was just as effective as drugs for people at risk of degenerative disorders, diabetes, and another disease that is complicated to heal – while exercise itself was more effective than drugs for rehab after stroke.

More importantly, exercise helps in the reduction of weight and loss of excess, healthy fluids, and blood circulation and reduce the risk of some disease which will further prevent anyone and everyone from taking drugs in the first place. Because a sound body and healthy system doesn’t need the use of drugs

More so, exercise alleviates stress, relax the muscle regulated excess electrolyte in the system, aid in blood pressure regulation, contribute to heart health as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and potential the brain function.

Regular physical activity can improve muscle strength and boost endurance, while it steadily delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and helps the cardiovascular system work more efficiently.


But beyond these effects of the exercise which can equally be achieved by the usage of drugs. Since the body is producing the needed substance without the interference of the foreign body, exercise becomes more credibly safe than the use of the drug to combat some ailment

However, while no one could establish a fact engaging in regular exercise and rigorous one at that can help in a genuine health emergency. Thus, establishing a fact that exercise is better than conventional drug is a stretch base of everyone’s perspective.

Moreover, reducing the pathogeneses of some illnesses before they even began is a measure of how great a deal an exercise can be that the use of the conventional drugs in the treatment of the disease after it has all progressed to an uncomfortable level.