Why is CCTV/Offsite monitoring vital in 2021?

Not so long ago, CCTV was seen as an expensive device, especially in South Africa, but today it is a vital tool for local monitoring for your building and is common in most homes.

Due to the common availability of technology, CCTVs have become a standard security feature of the home, offering various advantages.

Not only that, the technology has brought various types of offsite monitoring devices that have improved the security of buildings.

Before placing the cameras out of your location, you should consider the type of camera that should be placed because different types of CCTVs are manufactured for different purposes just like a rotating camera for 360-angle tracking.

CCTV camera

In this article, we will discuss more the importance of CCTV that can be found easily in South Africa.

Importance of CCTV for offsite monitoring

·       Detection of crimes

The most crucial reason why CCTV is vital in 2021 is to capture criminal activity. If installed at home or on business premises, you can easily detect any illegal activity outside your space. Nowadays, the latest cameras can be controlled via smartphone apps, allowing you to monitor activity while staying miles away.

You can also easily prove that a crime has been committed, as the camera stores the video in the system for a certain period.

·       Live activities tracking

One of CCTV’s main applications is to monitor your employees or team members’ live activities. If the CCTVs are installed, you can track who is going in and out of your office.

Many business owners use an offsite monitoring camera to be aware of their employees’ activities under their office roof.

·       To gather evidence

Given the rising crime rate, your home and office must install CCTV because you may need evidence to prove that the criminal activity took place.

Not only that, but the police also receive support if they have a video of the criminal activity, and in this way, they could help the police to track down and locate the criminal.

By storing it, police can track any activity and then use it as evidence.

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·       Preserves the record of the employees

In business, it is very beneficial to have a record of all the activities that have taken place during the day, for example, to note which employee is arriving at the time and late.

There are various additional uses of CCTVs for recording purposes, as mentioned below:

  • The recording of each visitor, including the time-in and time-out of the visitors
  • It records the working time of each employee
  • It can be used to check the attendance record of employees

·       Evidence of insurance

You might have to claim the insurance for your loss in-home or in the office in case of theft or any other illegal act such as vandalism.

With CCTV footage, you can claim insurance for your claim and use the footage as proof to the insurance company. Some of the insurance companies have policies for the placement of CCTV as a must for insurance because this proofs the loss of the client.