Will Game Subscription Services Ever Replicate Online Casino Promotions?

Game subscription services have sprouted up from nowhere and are now threatening to transform the way people pay for and play games.

These Netflix-inspired offerings came about in 2014 with the likes of EA Play and PlayStation Now. Since then, many more have cropped up and players now have a wealth of options.

This saturated market is replicating the bustling online casino sector, where there is fierce competition between brands. In that industry, operators turn to offers to attract players. Many people are now questioning whether game subscription services will go the same way.

Online Casinos are the Best for Promotions

Ever since the early days of online casinos, players have been able to take advantage of attractive sign-up bonuses. As the industry has expanded, these have improved.

For example, if you check out the casino promotions at Paddy Power, you’ll see that, along with deposit match offers, there are free spins available. There are also weekly promotions to use on selected games.

There’s no other industry online that can compete with online casinos for bonuses. Operators simply have to provide these promotions, otherwise, they will lose out to the competition. Gaming subscription services don’t face as many rivals yet, but they may do in the future.

Subscription Services are Facing More Competition


Some analysts believe that the gaming industry will soon move away from the standard release model in favour of subscription services.

When players can get access to a vast variety of games for a reasonably priced monthly fee, they will eschew the traditional releases that cost an average of £34 in the UK.

The most eagerly anticipated offerings like Grand Theft Auto 6 may continue successfully with this release model, but lesser-known developers will seek to strike deals with subscription services.

In the early days of subscription services, players had little choice. Now, they are faced with a multitude of options. When it comes to selecting between them, many gamers base it on the exclusives on offer.

This is certainly a great way to bring in players, but it’s not the only method that companies use. There also seems to be a pricing war going on, with different services trying to undercut one another.

Best Deals for Players Involve Signing up For Longer

In the current climate of game subscription models, the best deals appear to be available to players who choose to sign up for a longer period or add more people to the same account.

For example, on PlayStation Now, players can make a £15 saving if they subscribe to a full year rather than a three-month rolling contract. The Xbox Game Pass has a similar deal. Other offerings, such as Ubisoft Plus, rely more heavily on the availability of exclusives.

With game subscription services emerging at an astonishing rate, brands will have to improve their deals to attract customers. The sector is unlikely to replicate the deals of online casinos, but they will have to employ tactics to win players over from their rivals.